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The age-old question for any man is how to tell if a girl likes you. Sometimes women can seem like a different species. It makes sense. Men have a different way of seeing the world, and perspective is everything.

It’s hard to understand the opposite sex, especially in dating. But worry no more, we have put together a list to help decipher the girl code of behaviour and how to see the signs a woman is attracted to you.

An Important Note

The following list is describing a pattern of behaviour. A woman can do any of the things we discuss once or twice with a man she isn’t necessarily interested in romantically. Some of these behaviours can happen as one-offs to be polite. However, if there is a pattern and she repeatedly practices or displays most of the points indicated in this article, then these are signs that she likes you and you can thus feel free to bring your flirt game.

But here’s the thing: you have to be ready to accept that she might turn you down. If you take her no in stride, you will come off looking cool, casual and most importantly, respectful. She will remember that. She will tell her friends.

It might not help you date her but it will look good to not just her but everybody around you. You will seem like a mature gentleman who has his head together. Being rejected is a huge blow but it’s vital to let people have their own agency without taking it personally.

We all know that rejection sucks but it doesn’t have to happen as often when you understand how to tell if she likes you.

Signs That She Likes You: If You Met Online

signs she likes you

She Responded to Your Message

Let’s say you’ve started communication through an online dating site like Zoosk or Match. You might assume it’s difficult to tell if she likes you from chatting online. After all, how can you know before even meeting in person? Well, the first thing to understand is that most women won’t even message you back if they aren’t interested.

It’s the sad truth that many women on most dating sites are inundated with messages from potential suitors. It’s not fair but it is what it is. The fact that she responds to you at all is one of the first signs that she likes you.

She Asks You Questions

As the conversation continues, if she actually shows interest in you and asks you detailed questions about your interests and other things about your life, you definitely have your foot in the door.

The important thing to do at this stage is to let her know you’re also interested by also asking her questions and asking her to meet for coffee to see if the chemistry maintains in person.

Once you’ve asked her out and she’s said yes, there are plenty more signs she is developing feelings for you to look for once you’re face to face.

Signs That She Likes You: In Person

how to tell if she likes you

She Smiles at You Directly

Any woman can smile at you once or twice and not mean anything deeper than just being friendly. But here is another little secret. Women often can’t help but smile when they like somebody. If a woman is constantly smiley when she’s around you, that’s because you’re the one causing the happiness.

Women are not joyless beings but we are also humans that don’t constantly smile unless there’s a reason. Seeing somebody who makes us feel romantic feelings is a big reason, and if it is a pattern with a woman you work with, somebody you are on a date with or somebody you’ve just met for the first time, she is showing you that you make her happy.

Basically, we smile when we have fun and if you are making her feel good with your company, you are fun to her and she can’t stop the smile.

She Makes Eye Contact

Jack Schafer, Ph.D., a professional behaviourist who worked for the FBI, confirms that people look at what they like and avoid looking at what they don’t like. So the question becomes, what if she likes you but not like that? Won’t she still make eye contact as a normal human being?

Of course, but one of the best subtle signs she likes you is maintaining meaningful eye contact during your conversation. If her eyes are bright and full of life, she is flashing you a subconscious sign.

Are here eyes dilated? As Dr. Schafer says, the more dilated her pupils are, the more interested she is because her oxytocin levels—a sort of love hormone—have risen to high levels from the way you make her feel.

You see, observing these things really does help. She can’t help but show her interest. It’s a biological response!

Or She Can’t Look at You

Keep in mind that there are some girls who are shy or scared that they might come off too eager. When this is the case, they will bashfully look away when you make eye contact.

Confusing, right? So, how in the world do you tell the difference? It’s not as hard as you think.

If a girl you fancy is looking away because she’s into you, she’ll bashfully smile or blush as she looks away. A girl who isn’t into you will either not be looking your way at all or if she is for whatever reason, she’ll have a bored or blank look on her face.

Remember how we said that if she’s into you that she’ll be smiley and happy because just being around you brings her joy? Well, if you see a bored or blank look on a girl’s face, it’s a good bet that she’s not interested.

She Lets You Know She is Available

Either through hinting or directly telling you, she will let you know in some way that she is single and available. This is not something a woman normally does with a man she isn’t interested in.

Let’s say that you just struck up a conversation with an attractive lady at a bar. She will do her level best to interject the fact that she is single. Watch for it, it can come in several different ways.

Anytime an activity or show is mentioned and she says she would love to do that activity or see that show? She’s most likely hinting that she wants to go with you. Trust me, it’s not likely she would say this if she wasn’t interested because women who aren’t interested do their best to not give you an in.

Now You Know How to Tell if She Likes You. What Now?

signs that she likes you

Take her repeated and consistent cues and mirror them for a bit to see if they continue. If so, ask her out! Showing your interest in her can actually increase her interest in you.

Think up an amazing date idea that you can offer her. It should be an activity where you two can easily talk and get to know each other. Bars or nightclubs that have loud music are out for the first few dates. You want an environment that is casual and quiet enough to hear each other.

Just make sure that you keep a laid back demeanour and make it as fun and easy as possible. After you’ve made it to date two and beyond, then you can look forward to seeing the signs she is developing feelings.

Uh oh, more stress, I know. It’s okay, they’re not much different than the signs she’s interested, as long as she maintains most of the above behaviour.

Now that you’ve made it this far, you should be a little more comfortable with how to tell if a girl likes you. In all honesty, it’s mostly about staying observant. It becomes pretty obvious once you know what to look out for. It’s all in the smile and the body language.

Interest is key, make sure you help her out too by showing your interest in return. With this knowledge in your toolbox, you two could be on your way to a beautiful relationship.

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