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10 Amazing Date Ideas for Winter

Alexa Weeks

Nov 14 2018

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When the nights draw in and the temperature begins to plummet, it’s very tempting to go into hibernation and leave the dating scene until the warmer months.

But that would be a mistake! Step out into that winter wonderland and you’ll discover a whole host of romantic possibilities for the perfect date, whether it’s your first or your tenth. Meet someone through an online dating site like Zoosk and use this special time of year to plan a date that is outside of the usual cocktails and dinner. After all, it’s really nice to have a warm body to cuddle up next to during the chilly months.

Try any of these winter date ideas and we guarantee you’ll have tons of fun!

Ice skating

Open-air ice-skating rinks are a common thing during winter time. You can find them in parks, in city squares, and in front of shopping malls. You might want to check with your date first see if they know how to skate. If so, they may want to bring their own skates. What if they don’t skate? Don’t get disappointed because watching other couples elegantly swishing across the ice can be fun too. Anyway, it’s a good way of getting distracted and forgetting all about those first date nerves.

A walk in the park

You might think that parks are for summertime only. A walk in the park can be a great first date idea for winter as well, especially if everything is covered in snow. Some parks even take advantage of the winter months to decorate with stunning light displays. What could be more romantic than a winter wonderland atmosphere? Make sure you put on your warm clothes. Don’t forget your gloves and scarf! Plan your itinerary so that when the cold becomes unbearable you have somewhere warm and cosy to stop for a steaming cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine.

Snowball fight

You want something more active? How about a snowball fight? Or, if you’re looking for something less adversarial, you can play in the snow together, making snow angels and building snowmen. Don’t forget to bring along some buttons, charcoal and an old hat to decorate the snowman’s head. If one of you has a sled, you can cling to each other while sliding downhill at thrilling speeds. Totally romantic, fun and season-oriented!

A quiz night

Instead of staring at each other, searching for things to say while sipping a cup of coffee, how about picking a pub that organises trivia games?

That way you get to impress your date with your amazing knowledge of the world. You can be on the same team to build an instant connection and sense of camaraderie. If trivia games are not your thing, however, just pick something else from the list. You don’t want to be the fool who forgot when America’s Independence Day is celebrated because of first date nerves!

Vintage and handmade fair

Strolling along the product stands where the local artisans and vintage merchants expose their treasures is a great first date idea for winter, especially if it’s an indoor location.

You’ll have plenty of things to talk about, and you will get to know each other better. Maybe you can buy a small souvenir for each other as a reminder of your first date. You will most certainly look back on it with pleasure in the future!

Ultimate movie night

Baby, it’s cold outside. All the more reason to stay in, right?!

Create the ultimate romantic themed movie night with rom-coms such as ‘The Holiday, ‘Life As We Know It’ and the ultimate rom-com classic ‘Love Actually.’ Get the popcorn going, make a few drinks and grab the cosiest blanket you can find. This winter date will certainly be full of cuddles, giggles and hopefully some sweet romance.

Pottery painting

Unleash your creative side while getting some intimate 1-on-1 time at a pottery painting studio.  Places like ‘Paint the Town’ in London have a fun selection of holiday ceramics for you to choose from – right off the shelf. Paint ornaments for yourselves or decorate coffee mugs for each other, all while sipping on some hot tea and baked treats. Pottery painting in the winter is a laid-back way to get to know your date in a warm, pressure-free environment.

Holiday bake-off

Channel your inner ‘British Bake Off’ and host one of your own.  Start the date from scratch: you each decide what you’re going to bake or make, then go shopping for ingredients together. Turn some Christmas music on in the kitchen, pour a glass of wine and bake away! In the end, the one with the best holiday treat wins. What do they win? That’s for you two lovebirds to decide. Wagering is half the fun.

Go to an ice hockey game

Embrace the chilly weather with an even chillier spectator event. Cuddle up at a hockey game with a couple of beers and hot dogs while watching one of the most exciting live sporting events around. Extra points if neither of you has ever been to a hockey game before! Together, you can experience the madness that is body checking and fist fights. You’ll find tons of pro hockey matches in Belfast and Glasgow, or look into local junior hockey leagues in your area that are just as wild (and a little cheaper).

Indulge in a live performance

Whether music, the ballet, or a play, there is something that feels especially elegant and romantic about going to a live performance with a date. Choose something seasonal such as ‘The Nutcracker,’ ‘A Christmas Carol,’ or a band or choir’s rendition of holiday favourites. After a cozy matinee at the theater, brave the cold together for a walk in the city to view holiday window displays and twinkling Christmas lights.

Got the perfect idea for a winter date but looking for someone to take? Look no further. We have reviews of the world’s best dating sites to help you find the one for you!


This article was originally published on January 7, 2016. Its content has since been updated. 

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