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6 Top Tips for Dating After Divorce

P. J. Aitken | 15.10.19 | 0 Comments

Divorce is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through. It’s heart-breaking, financially debilitating, and can cause a great deal of mental and emotional anguish. But the struggle doesn’t end when the papers have been signed and the assets have been...

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Dating Green Flags to Look Out For

P. J. Aitken | 09.09.19 | 0 Comments

Everyone’s heard of dating red flags, the warning signs that tell you whether a date is worth pursuing. They may talk excessively about themselves and bring all conversations back to them. They may be overly critical and aggressive when discussing previous partners, insist on ordering...

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Should You Get Professional Dating Profile Photos Done?

Tom Edlin | 07.08.19 | 0 Comments

Today, online dating is a normal and accepted way for people to find love and happiness together. In fact, 1 in 5 UK relationships now begins online, often on highly rated dating sites like Zoosk, and Elite Singles. [brandbtn id=167] Despite their prevalence in our...

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Celebrating London Pride and LGBT Dating in the UK

Tom Edlin | 01.07.19 | 0 Comments

Gay Pride is a positive celebration of the gay community. It is also an active demonstration for equal rights and against the discrimination of lesbian, gay and transgender people. Pride month takes place worldwide every year during the month of June, chosen on this month...

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Why You’re Not Getting Replies

Gracious Ross | 18.06.19 | 1 Comments

Whether you’re new to an online dating site or an executive member, you’ve no doubt been through the notorious battle of finding a profile you like — a potential match. You swipe through profile after profile to finally find one you like, write a message,...

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How to Plan the Perfect Picnic Date

Nina Livelo | 27.05.19 | 0 Comments

With summer on the horizon, a picnic date should be the next date you plan. Longer days and warmer weather set the stage for a romantic rendezvous that is sure to make a lasting impression. Break away from the bustle of day-to-day life and connect...

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Online Dating Tips: How to Date More Effectively

Nina Livelo | 19.04.19 | 0 Comments

Many people look back at their romantic histories and wonder why they wasted so much time with certain partners. Maybe they made you change who you were, or maybe they had goals that just weren’t in line with yours. Eventually, these relationships didn’t work out,...

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Tips for Dating an Introvert

Rachel Rumbelow | 14.03.19 | 0 Comments

Dating isn't always easy and can sometimes get discouraging. You're probably familiar with the old adage that opposites attract, but that doesn't mean that being in a relationship with someone who is different than you doesn't take work, understanding, and compromise if you want the...

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