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Online Dating Tips: How to Date More Effectively

Nina Livelo | 19.04.19 | 0 Comments

Many people look back at their romantic histories and wonder why they wasted so much time with certain partners. Maybe they made you change who you were, or maybe they had goals that just weren’t in line with yours. Eventually, these relationships didn’t work out,...

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Tips for Dating an Introvert

Rachel Rumbelow | 14.03.19 | 0 Comments

Dating isn't always easy and can sometimes get discouraging. You're probably familiar with the old adage that opposites attract, but that doesn't mean that being in a relationship with someone who is different than you doesn't take work, understanding, and compromise if you want the...

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How To Spend Valentine’s Day For Singles

Nina Livelo | 11.02.19 | 0 Comments

Love is in the air and if you’re single, there’s a good chance it’s making you sick. All the hearts, chocolate boxes, and teddy bears are just reminders of how painfully void of romance your life is. But while greeting cards and rom-coms would have...

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Signs That She Likes You

Rachel Rumbelow | 22.01.19 | 2 Comments

The age-old question for any man is how to tell if a girl likes you. Sometimes women can seem like a different species. It makes sense. Men have a different way of seeing the world, and perspective is everything. It’s hard to understand the opposite...

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Predictions for 2019 Dating Trends

Ethan Willse | 10.01.19 | 0 Comments

The year 2018 was full of online dating trends that most people prefer not to be reminded of. For starters, ghosting was a tactic increasingly used within the last year. If you have ever fallen victim to ghosting, you know how agonizing it is. When...

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6 Romantic New Year’s Eve Date Ideas

Nina Livelo | 26.12.18 | 0 Comments

A new year means a clean slate to set goals and make plans to reach them. If one of those goals for the upcoming year happens to be finding love, then why not start off 2019 on a good foot by ringing in the new...

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How to Find a Date for New Year’s Eve

Nina Livelo | 12.12.18 | 0 Comments

Before December, New Year’s Eve still seems like a distant blip on the calendar, but as soon as Santa Claus makes his debut, time begins to fly by. Before you know it, there are only a few days left in the year. We all know...

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Common Dating Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Risi Adler | 27.11.18 | 0 Comments

Dating can be tricky enough but for some, adding dating sites and apps to the mix has made it even more confusing. There are several common online dating mistakes that are easily fixed - check out our list of dating mistakes to avoid and see...

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10 Amazing Date Ideas for Winter

Alexa Weeks | 14.11.18 | 0 Comments

When the nights draw in and the temperature begins to plummet, it’s very tempting to go into hibernation and leave the dating scene until the warmer months. But that would be a mistake! Step out into that winter wonderland and you’ll discover a whole host...

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Dating Apps for Travelers: Find Your Next Vacationship

Nina Livelo | 12.11.18 | 0 Comments

Wheels are down and you’ve officially landed in a new city. Now, there are two ways your trip could pan out. Either you pick up a guidebook from a gift shop at the airport and follow in the same tired footsteps of millions of travelers...

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Tips For Making a Good First Impression

Alexa Weeks | 24.10.18 | 0 Comments

You’ve been texting a romantic interest for a few weeks, and now it’s finally time to meet in person. Whether you’re an experienced dater or new to the scene, meeting someone for the first time is always nerve-wracking. You’ll probably engage in your go-to nervous...

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The Changing Face of Dating Apps

Alexa Weeks | 10.10.18 | 0 Comments

The evolution of online dating is a mix of visual design upgrades, algorithm updates, and options for different types of relationships. The latest news to hit the online dating market is that Facebook has officially started to develop an online dating service. In May of...

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How Online Dating Sites Have Changed the Dating Game

Alexa Weeks | 25.09.18 | 0 Comments

To say that finding compatible partners a few decades ago was hard and inefficient would be an understatement. Many of the things we take for granted these days weren’t even expensive luxuries in the past – they simply didn’t exist. Imagine not having online dating...

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Expert Online Dating Tips for Men

Alexa Weeks | 18.07.18 | 0 Comments

The whole goal of dating online is to date offline. You should just be able to write a girl and say, “Hey, want to grab a pint?” Right? Wrong! With so much competition and a seemingly secret girl code that you just can’t seem to...

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3 Irresistible Date Outfits to Drive Him Wild

Alexa Weeks | 15.07.18 | 0 Comments

When looking for a relationship, first impressions are everything. Hell, even second and third impressions are a big deal. To make an unforgettable impression on your date, you’ve got to wear the right outfit that will drive him absolutely wild. But choosing an outfit that makes...

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eharmony’s Matching Algorithm: How Does It Work?

Emma Walters | 18.05.18 | 0 Comments

eharmony is one of the most recognizable and successful names in online dating. Since its launch in 2000, it claims to have introduced more than 600,000 married couples, accounting for almost 4% of newly wedded couples in the U.S (2012). Their long-lasting success is based on...

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The Science of Flirting: The ‘Hot Ape’ Method

Jake Soto | 16.05.18 | 0 Comments

“Hey, I think she likes me. Oh my god, she just touched my hand. She definitely likes me. She’s laughing at my jokes…this is going really well. And those eyes. Oh, those eyes.” Whoa, that was an intense inner dialogue but one that happens all the...

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Action Films Your Girl Will Love

Jake Soto | 11.04.18 | 0 Comments

It can be quite a lengthy process going from meeting a girl online and then meeting them in person, but that is just how online dating works. Sometimes it can move at a very slow pace. Often it depends on which dating sites you are trying out. There are...

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6 Best Dating Coaches Share Their Advice

Alexa Weeks | 27.02.18 | 0 Comments

There are only two feelings that we encounter when February the 14th, a.k.a Valentine’s day approaches. Either we welcome it gladly and look at it as a special day to spoil the ones we love, or we dislike it. When we are single, all those...

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13 (In Person) Dating Tips for Guys [Pt. 2 of 2]

Alexa Weeks | 21.11.17 | 0 Comments

Women can be complicated beings at times, yes it’s true. But ultimately we’re simple creatures who are just looking for a nice guy with whom to have a decent conversation, a few laughs, and who will potentially sweep us off our feet like a Disney movie...

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