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Dating is never easy, and when you’re a lesbian, it can seem even more difficult given how much the eligible dating pool narrows. It gets even harder if you don’t live in a roaring metropolis like London and instead your home is in a small town without even an LGBT pub. What’s a girl to do? Luckily, there are high-quality UK lesbian dating sites to the rescue! We’ve done the research to bring you to the top dating sites for lesbians in the UK, so you don’t have to waste time on sites that are seriously lacking.

Not sure if online dating is for you?

We get it. There used to be a huge stigma when it came to online dating. When the first dating sites came about in the 1990s, people were hugely skeptical. It was almost embarrassing to admit that you were using the internet, which was just starting to become standard in people’s homes, to find love. Thankfully, those days and that kind of stigma have long passed. Today, one in five relationships and one in three marriages get their start online! It seems like everyone has tried a UK dating website or dating app. The trick is making sure that you sign up for a good one!

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Which UK lesbian dating site should you use?

While there are certain dating websites and apps that exclusively cater to the UK lesbian community, many conventional dating sites also give women the chance to search for other lesbians looking for love. On the one hand, on a lesbian dating website, you’re unlikely to receive messages from straight men that you have zero interest in, which is a plus. You should keep in mind, however, that popular UK dating sites like Match and Zoosk are used by many lesbians with success as well. Sometimes, because they are so well-known, there could be more lesbian and bisexual users on these sites than on smaller, less well-known niche dating sites. In other words, there are pros to both types of sites!

You should read our reviews to get a better idea of which UK dating website is best for you. We cover everything you need to know about plans and pricing, registration and profile set-up, messaging, site safety, customer support, and special features. Some sites offer free membership as well as paid plans. Keep in mind that paying for a plan often unlocks additional features, so while it’s great to try out a site using the free membership option, you’ll get more from it if you pay the nominal monthly fee.

Recommended Lesbian Dating Sites

These are some of the most recommended dating sites for lesbians in the UK:

Making the most out of UK lesbian dating sites

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Signing up for a dating website is only the first step on your path towards love and romance. These tips will help you have a successful experience on lesbian dating sites.

  • Answer all of the questions. Yes, we know it seems like a lot, but it helps the dating site send you suitable matches, so it’s worth it! For example, Match uses a special algorithm to send you compatible matches daily. Whether it’s a personality test or questions about your ideal partner, set aside time to think about these answers and reply honestly.
  • Create a winning profile. Stay positive in your profile. Don’t use your online dating profile to complain about exes or say things like “don’t message me if you’re ugly.” You’re going to come across as a jerk. Instead, when talking about what you’re looking for in a partner, say something like, “I’m looking for a kind-hearted woman who enjoys an active lifestyle.” Additionally, when talking about yourself, don’t tell your whole life story. There’s plenty of time to go into more details about your life while dating. Also though, don’t say something like, “I’m just me. Message me to learn more.” No one will care to message you with zero information. Give a brief summary of who you are and how you spend your time. You’ll be more likely to get messages this way, and in particular, more likely to get messages from women who will be compatible with you and like who you are.
  • Include at least two pictures, and ideally more. If you post pictures where you’re surrounded by a group of friends, no one is going to know who you are. Instead, post at least a few pictures of you by yourself. One picture should clearly show your face, and one should be a full-length photo of your body. These should be recent pictures without filters and photoshopping. Your photos should look like you as you appear in real life.
  • Ask your friends. If you’re questioning your profile or not sure about what to write, ask your friends. While you may have a hard time knowing how to describe yourself, your friends will be able to without difficulty.
  • Read other women’s profiles. Don’t just message women based on their pictures. Take the time to read their profiles and find out about them. Not only will this help you determine if each woman is really compatible with you, but it also will give you something to talk about in your messages.
  • Send an effective first message. Instead of just saying “hey” and nothing more, ask a question. For example, if she mentioned in her profile that she likes to read, you can send a message like, “Hi, your profile caught my eye. I’m a bookworm myself and noticed that you also enjoy reading. What was the last good book you read that you just couldn’t put down?” You’re connecting with her over an interest so she’ll be happy to reply and talk about it.
  • Don’t message too many women at once. Just because you see lots of available women doesn’t mean that you should message them all at once! That will only result in your inbox being flooded in such a way that surpasses your way to respond effectively and you won’t remember the specific details about anyone. Take your time and just converse with a few different women at a time.
  • Plan your first date. Once you’ve been messaging for a while with someone and decide that you want to meet them in real life, it’s time to plan the first date! Go somewhere in public for the first date that is quiet enough so that you can chat and get to know each other more. Make sure that you read our tips for making a good first impression!
  • Persevere. Dedicate a set amount of time each day to go through your matches and communicate with those you’re interested in.
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