Finding Love with Online Dating During Coronavirus

Rachel Rumbelow

May 18 2020

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Life under quarantine is not easy. It’s especially hard when you’re single and self-isolating in the Coronavirus lockdown. Just because we are in a pandemic, doesn’t mean you have changed your goals in finding a partner.

But dating and online dating was already filled with landmines. Now, because of social distancing, you can’t even meet a potential love interest face-to-face where the real decisions are made. It’s enough to cause a meltdown.

We’ve all had one or two meltdowns during these trying times but when you’re feeling better, take a look at all the good things about online dating during the Coronavirus. This pandemic isn’t going to last forever. There will be some sort of normalcy soon but people are seeing the benefits of virtual dating and social distancing dating might be a new normal even when we’re on the other side of this virus.

Benefits of Online Dating During Coronavirus

1. Online dating helps to curb loneliness while socially distancing.

Not only is talking to somebody a way to get through those lonely nights in isolation but it’s also a way to feel excitement again. The Coronavirus pandemic is not only lonely but, let’s face it, boring. There are no concerts or events to look forward to.  But now, you don’t even have to leave your house. You get to dress up and have a theme. How fun is that?

Getting to know a new person who you feel an attraction to is fun. You can flirt both through messaging and video and you get to see what their space looks like. Online dating in the age of the Coronavirus is full of new and interesting dating ideas that none of us had ever thought to do before. That will make anybody feel less lonely.

2. The coronavirus pandemic forces you to take things slow.

Social distancing makes room for a little thing called courtship. Something that’s been missing for a lot of people in modern times. There is nothing but time to get to know each other now. Not being able to see each other in person relaxes the temptation and, in some cases, the pressure to get physical before you even know each other’s last names. This creates a stronger foundation for most relationships.

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Online dating during the Coronavirus pandemic also removes awkward date moments like who will get the cheque and how to get out of a date that isn’t going well. It’s so much easier to slip out of a video date than a restaurant.

Virtual dating also gives a glimpse into what your potential mate is like during stressful times. This is so helpful as red flags are hard to hide when a person is stressed out.

3. Online dating sites are adding exciting virtual dating features.

Even with all of these bonuses. Dating sites are aware of the unique challenges singles are currently facing. Not being able to see each other in person is a huge hurdle. On top of that, there is the worry that it is easy to be stalked and harassed once you give a person the ability to contact you on your phone and video app.

Eharmony UK has a video dating feature that helps create a romantic ambiance for their video date service and removes distractions. Once you have exchanged three messages, one or both of you can request a video date through their site without having to exchange personal phone numbers and usernames.

This feature allows you to safely see what they look like (and their bookshelf because it seems to be the video background rule these days) while getting to know their mannerisms and quirks.  It’s a safe and friendly feature that removes the worry of a stranger having access to your personal contact information.

3 Online Dating Tips to Start Using Now

1. Use Creative Conversation Starters

It is more important than ever to approach your possible paramour with a creative conversation starter that stands out while staying light and fun. Starting with questions and comments about their bio is a good way to show your interest.

Some of the best dating sites like Match or Zoosk offer a dating expert who can help you with your conversation game when you get stuck because they know how important it is. But here are some ideas to get you started.

  • “What’s your favourite Coronavirus pandemic meme?”
  • “Have you found a new passion during quarantine? Mine is…”
  • “What has been your favourite binge-watch so far?”
  • “How has the Coronavirus Pandemic changed you so far? It’s changed me in these ways…”
  • “I like your profile photos, especially the one that…”
  • “You said something of interest in your bio that I would love to discuss more.”

2. Make an Effort with Your Online Dating Profile

Your bio is the hook that brings in potential partners. That’s always been the case but it matters even more now. You have to shine above the rest of them. A lot of people are cleverly inserting the virus and quarantine into their bios but this should not be your only focus. What is unique about you that will draw somebody in a good way?

The profile photos you choose for your bio say so much more than you realize. Sure, a funny image or two of how you’re spending time during the Coronavirus lockdown can be fun, but stop there and don’t let that be your first photo. Your potential mate will want to see some real, genuine pictures that show you clearly. This is your first impression.

3. Plan a Special Virtual Date

Do you know the saying that those who lack resources make up for it with creativity? Social distancing may cause a lack of dating options but it opens up a world of creativity with virtual video dating.

This is where it’s fun to have a theme. The Eharmony UK video dating feature allows you to be as creative as you want to be! This is an easy and fun way of showing your interests. It would be harder to do this if meeting for dinner and drinks.

You can decorate the room you’ll be in. You can wear a costume or a fancy dress. Nobody’s stopping you. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken away the need for dress codes or social outing norms, leading the way for you to make the date of your dreams.

You and your date should agree on the theme and how far you want to go with it but this is another way to learn about your love interest.

  • You can share your screen and watch a movie together.
  • Have a pyjama party.
  • Cook a meal together, or cook two different meals and discuss each dish.
  • You can compare home decor.
  • Have a talent show.

There are so many more options to choose from. There is no limit. Having the ability to be home and in your comfort zone is not something that was part of the dating world before.

Enjoy Yourself From a Distance!

Online dating during the Coronavirus pandemic offers more safety, less awkwardness, and more ability to be yourself and show who you are while maintaining a safe distance. Our lack of events, bars, restaurants, galleries, etc. have led the way to some of the most innovative and clever ways to date with social distancing and beyond. It’s quite exciting! Now is the time to create the story of how you met their mother like never before.

The best dating sites will offer ways to make all of this easier and more fun. Remember, every dating site is different and will have a different fit with your lifestyle. Read the dating site reviews on our site and see which one aligns with your unique needs the best before you sign up.


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