Online Dating Profile Photos You Should Definitely Avoid

Alexa Weeks

Feb 03 2016

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Choosing a good, truthful picture for your online dating profile is a must-do if you want to boost your success rate. Look straight into the camera, show a big smile and there you have it!

Easier said than done, unfortunately. Small glitches always appear, and they come either from people’s fear of revealing their identity or from their effort of making themselves look sexier, more interesting and, ultimately, more appealing to others.

If you’re keen to have the best online dating profile photo possible, here are some mistakes you should avoid:

Not revealing your face

A picture reveals your true identity, but trying to conceal it by using faceless photos is not the way to go. Take the time to consider all the aspects and factors that go into your decision of uploading a faceless photo. Most times by doing this, it suggests that you are either married and don’t want to reveal your identity or there is something seriously wrong with your looks. But if you’re serious about giving online dating a try, pick a close-up picture that shows your face and – most importantly – your smile!

Using a Fake Photo

Really? People might have fantasies about dating supermodels and famous actors or actresses, but when they join a dating site, they do it to meet real people.

Wearing Sunglasses

If you want a great profile photo, do yourself a favour and ditch the shades! These are all too common. Maybe it’s another way for people to conceal their identities, or perhaps they feel like they look cooler with sunglasses on. Whatever the reason, it’s best to avoid, especially as your main profile photo. Instead, try the direct approach. Look straight into the camera and put on a big smile. Remember – the eyes are the window to the soul!


Making sure you have the right light is a major part of the art of photography. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you should still avoid choosing a profile picture with glare, where the light is obscuring your face.

Sweaty gym photos

Studies have shown that snapshots of people engaged in some sort of activity are more successful than posed photos. A picture of you at the gym can boost your online dating profile’s success potential, but you’re better off picking one that doesn’t show you all sweaty and half naked.

Hard partying

Conveying the idea you are sociable and easygoing is great, but you don’t want to come across as an insatiable party animal, especially if your goal is to find a partner for a long term romantic relationship. Even if the background of the photo is a pub, it is best you pick a picture that’s just you.

Bedroom selfie

You might think a bedroom selfie of your half-naked body is sexy. You could be right, but it all depends on what you are looking for. If you are there for a one-night stand, go ahead and use it. But, if you want to find someone for a committed relationship, this is one of the online dating profile photos you should definitely avoid.

Kissy face

The selfie phenomenon has made the “kissy faces” ubiquitous. This is a no-no! Why? Because people want to see your face, not a grimace, as funny as it might be. Other online daters might perceive you as immature and not really serious.

Now that you know all about the online dating profile photos to avoid, check out our recommendations of online dating sites and join one today!

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