We all want the “happy ever after” love story. To fall in love the same old fashioned romantic way our parents did back in “the good old days”. As much as this is still possible, it has become less likely because the world of technology along with the face of dating has evolved into a new generation of daters. It was the telephone that first made long-distance relationships possible, which has further been backed by the likes of Skype and other video chat mediums. Along with the internet came the endless possibilities to find true love online, including the chances of even rekindling old crushes and flames with whom you had lost touch with over the years.

Well, a new dawn is upon us and it is taking online dating to a whole new level. Ladies and gentlemen…introducing video dating. It seems that a simple profile picture and a cute sales pitch just wasn’t doing it anymore for enthusiastic online daters. It was becoming clear that website owners and app developers had to come up with an even more satisfying solution: video dating. We’ve done online chats and mobile apps…it was only a matter of time before things were going to be cracked up another notch. Video dating could very well pave the way to the new generation of dating.

Closing the Gap Between Online and Offline

Surprising or not, the new concept of video dating has proven very popular. The very first mobile video dating app on the market, Flikdate was warmly welcomed by online daters, and especially by those females looking for love. Named by few as the “love child” of Instagram and Skype, Flikdate gives online daters a real opportunity to knock down the wall between their online search and real face-to-face communication.

With the online video chat giving daters a massive insight into the real-life qualities of their potential date, this smart dating time-saver definitely has its uses in allowing users to tick many more boxes before venturing out into actual offline dating. I mean, how many times has one been on a first date with someone who looked vaguely like their profile picture… perhaps ten years ago? Or in fact, what about that gorgeous guy you found online who turned out to be a pin-up model and not in fact the person who sat in front of you? Video dating apps do allow daters to breathe a little easier because there is definitely no fooling this camera.

Rejection and Bad Calls

Frimper is a popular dating app brought to us by Facebook. It has built its following by bringing people together through shared interests and mutual acceptance. Their video chat feature is a huge selling point that separates and elevates them above their competition, giving them a massive edge in the online dating worlds. It’s “tough truth” ideology, together with its unique matching system, not only uses the information that online daters provide about themselves, but it also supplies that ever-important “make or break” information that exposes what others might have to say about them too.

Developed by two psychologists, Frimper cleverly focuses on user feedback, whilst matching specific personality features. Its clever-thinking system helps users to avoid the dreaded rejection and generally works to eliminate those negative online dating experiences. The “weirdo factor” is taken out because the app only allows messaging between users that have been mutually accepted. Because only those users you have personally validated can contact you, the risk of unwanted interactions is significantly reduced.

Higher Chances of Success

On top of providing daters with more protection against online dating mishaps, video dating really does boost your chances of finding the perfect partner. With users giving information that is built through their Facebook profiles and using advanced matching systems, apps like these can offer a more refined set of results. The video chat gives a sense of security like never before and evaluates potential partners with modern-day networking tools. What better way to suss someone out than by doing it face-to-face yourself?

Jake Soto
Jake is photographer residing in free spirited San Francisco. He loves documenting things with his camera on a daily basis. He was not into dating sites until hearing some great stories when he became a dedicated user himself. “Dating sites are detailed, visual and versatile, just like photography”. Jake is a regular contributor to the Top 5 Dating blog.
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