We created our Top 5 lists as an easy way for you to compare the key features of the leading brands in a category. There are quite a few things we consider when we put together a list, especially when it comes to deciding how to order the featured brands. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

Our Evaluation

Our goal is to save you time by simplifying and clarifying the buying process, so we only present products and services that our reviewers have evaluated as the best examples of their kind. We make every effort to stay up to date by modifying or adding to the list to reflect changes in the market.



    At Top5 Dating Sites we strive to provide the most detailed reviews around. In order to help you compare different sites we provide scores for various categories. These contribute to an overall score for each site.



    We rate dating sites on the useful features of their software, from standard stuff like messaging clients, standalone apps and compatibility tests, to unique features such as behavioural analysis, counselling, and offline events and meetups.



    We’re looking for a cleanly designed site that makes it easy to find – and communicate with – exactly the type of people you’re looking for in your geographical area. Many sites offer complex personality and compatibility tests, which is great, but we like to see a balance between meaningful complexity and easy account setup.



    Your personal safety should be one of the most important considerations when you’re dating online. Our rating is based on a variety of factors, including built-in safety features, and advice and documentation the site offers, as well as the overall reputation of the site.



    Most dating sites follow a similar model, giving new members the opportunity to create a free account with limited functionality, while keeping some of the most important features, such as replying to messages, behind the paywall. In reaching a final score we try to compare prices for paid packages with all the core features enabled.



    With a variety of differences between free and premium packages offered by most dating sites we think it’s important that there’s always somebody on hand to help you understand exactly what’s on offer. It should also be simple to contact support staff over serious issues such as harassment.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

We encourage our users to rate, comment and share their experiences. Customer reviews and ratings get the most weight in our evaluation, but we also consider user comments, especially when they reveal long-term issues or complaints that might not emerge during the review process.

Popularity with Our Users

Data gives us a clear picture of how our users feel about a particular brand. We can measure interest in each company’s product or service by monitoring the number of users who visit their website, as well as the conversion rate. The conversion rate measures how many people sign up with – or purchase from a – brand after visiting their website to learn more.

One thing you can count on though, is that every product/service that we place on our list is among the very best currently available online.