Should You Get Professional Dating Profile Photos Done?

Tom Edlin

Aug 07 2019

Today, online dating is a normal and accepted way for people to find love and happiness together. In fact, 1 in 5 UK relationships now begins online, often on highly rated dating sites like Zoosk, and Elite Singles.

Despite their prevalence in our lives, a lot of people are still not getting as much out of dating sites as they could. Many people are not getting many matches or message replies because they simply aren’t putting enough thought and effort into their dating profiles.

Creating your dating profile might seem easy, but there are a lot of things to consider when setting it up. With so many people now using online dating services, you need to stand out from the crowd and instantly grab the attention of your would-be matches. The best way to leave a lasting impression online is to have a well thought out profile with great pictures.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Although you may think your selfies from 3 years ago still look good, you might need something recent and with a little more style if you want to stand out on your dating app of choice. Taking recent, clear pictures that show you in a good light is a must, and a lot of people now are even choosing to enlist the help of a professional to snap the perfect profile photos.

Hiring a professional photographer to take your dating profile photos for you can potentially give your profile the boost it needs in attracting new matches. Your photos are the first impression people get of you so it’s important to look your best. What better to way to ensure you look great than enlisting the help of a professional?

profile photos

If you’re still wondering whether hiring a professional photographer to take your profile photos is right for you, here are a few pros and cons to help you decide.


1. Make your profile shine

A series of well-composed and shot profile photos can really make the difference in attracting your perfect match on dating sites. Professional photographers are experts in capturing people in the best light and making sure you look great.

2. Stand out from the crowd

Most users of dating sites and apps have poorly taken photos, where it’s sometimes difficult to even make out what the person looks like. Now you can stand out from the others and hopefully increase your matches and messages.

3. Look more professional

Having great photos also makes you look great, people are more likely to find you attractive if your photos are professionally done, it gives off a classier and more sophisticated vibe.

4. Showcase your personality

A great photographer can help to bring out your style and personality in your profile photos, something that’s hard to show in normal pictures. You can pick the outfits you’ll use for your shoot to really show off your style.

5. Create a more unique profile

A professional photographer can help to make your profile more unique and interesting by putting a creative spin on some of your pictures.

6. Remove any bad photos

If you use a pro photographer to take a whole series of photos, you’ll have enough pictures available so you can remove any old, unflattering ones from your profile.

7. It’s fun

Most people love having their pictures taken. In particular, when done by a professional, it can be a lot of fun. Maybe sign up with a friend so you can enjoy your shoot together.


profile photos

1. Can be expensive

Hiring a professional isn’t always cheap. That doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable, however. Check out a variety of photographers and ask what prices they offer for different packages before making your decision. You should also take a look at their professional portfolios to ensure you’re choosing a good photographer.

2. Not all photographers do dating pictures

Although most professional photographers will know how to take flattering pictures, some may not have specific experience in taking photos for the purpose of dating profiles. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be bad, but they might not be as great as someone who specialize helping their clients create the best possible profile. If you’re unsure, just ask them.

3. Can be time-consuming

It’s certainly possible to get a few pictures done quickly. If you really want to make a great profile, however, you should aim for photos taken in different locations and with you wearing different outfits. The result will be more natural and less like a photo shoot when it comes to your dating profile.

In short, hiring a professional is a great way to quickly improve your profile but it may not be possible for some people due to time or money constraints. With all the advantages in mind however, it should be clear that it’s definitely worth looking into. It’s especially useful for people who might still be relying on old or out of date photos, selfies or group photos, getting some good clear photos taken of just you can really help to improve your profile.

Of course, improving your profile photos can go a long way to increase your online dating success. There are other factors that make up a good profile too. Make sure that you have a short bio which explains a bit about who you are and what you’re looking for. If your dating site asks you to fill in a questionnaire, be sure to fill it in completely and honestly. If you still find you’re having trouble getting new matches and responses to your opening messages, see these tips for a quick guide on improving your message back rate. For a more general guide on improving your success with dating apps, you can follow this guide.

Hopefully, with this advice, you can create a really interesting profile that will help you to stand out on dating sites and show off your personality for your perfect match the find.

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