How To Spend Valentine’s Day For Singles

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Love is in the air and if you’re single, there’s a good chance it’s making you sick. All the hearts, chocolate boxes, and teddy bears are just reminders of how painfully void of romance your life is. But while greeting cards and rom-coms would have you believe Valentine’s Day is for couples, it really doesn’t have to be. This year, reclaim Valentine’s Day for singles by celebrating all the love you have in your life outside of a couple! Valentine’s Day, at its core, is a celebration of love, after all. Between family, friends, pets, and almighty self-love, you’ve got no reason to complain about being alone this February 14th.

What to Do on Valentine’s Day For Singles

Being single on Valentine’s Day actually rocks. It’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and have fun. Whether that means meeting friends or spending it alone for some well-deserved me-time, there’s no shortage of things to do. Keep reading for the best Valentine’s Day ideas for singles that will make even your friends in relationships jealous!

single on valentine's day

Wine and dine yourself

At home or at a restaurant. Whatever makes you happy. If you choose to stay in for the evening, prep for your single Valentine’s feast by picking up the ingredients for a recipe you’ve been wanting to prepare for ages. With no one else’s judgmental palates to please, now’s the time to give it a go. While cooking, sip on that wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion and nibble on an indulgent snack. Why not a gourmet cheese plate? The smellier the better! Again, there’s no one to be bothered by the stink. Then, if you’re going to go all-out, round off your night with some champagne. You deserve it, after all.

Of course, you could also make it easier for yourself and eat out. Call up that one restaurant you’ve been wanting to try and book a table. One of the perks of Valentine’s Day for singles is that getting a reservation for one is much easier. Don’t hold back when it comes to ordering. This is your day – eat whatever you want!

Dedicate your day to detoxing

Valentine’s Day can be an indulgent holiday, especially considering all the food, wine, and chocolate. So why not take yourself in the opposite direction and spend a day cleansing and nourishing your body? Start the day with a boutique fitness class like SoulCycle, Pure Barre, or Barry’s Bootcamp. It will energise you, get your body feeling good, and motivate you to stay healthy throughout the day. On top of that, you’ll prove you don’t need to look good for anyone but yourself. Next, grab a healthy lunch – something light. You don’t want to weigh yourself down too much before moving on to the spa, the cherry on top of your perfect detox day. Some solo time in the steam room could be a great way to clear your mind of dating distress. By the time you leave, you’ll have completely forgotten about being single on Valentine’s Day.

single valentine day

Explore the highbrow culture your area has to offer

Dig into your refined side. Explore a part of your city you don’t know well. Check out what’s on at the nearest museum. Buy a ticket to a show – music, theater, whatever appeals to you. Or browse the box office for a movie to see. These are all great ways to get lost in something outside of yourself, especially for people that are still a little hung up on spending Valentine’s Day alone.

…Or stay home and give into your lowbrow desires

On the other hand, you’ve got no one to impress. That means no one is going to judge you if you stay at home and binge all your favourite trashy reality tv shows. You know, the ones you normally wouldn’t watch in front of someone you’re dating. Throw on your comfiest sweatpants and break out the popcorn and ice cream. Netflix is calling you.

Round up your single friends

A fun way to spend Valentine’s Day for singles is to turn it into a party. Valentine’s has always been such an exclusive holiday – for couples to celebrate while the rest look on. This year, make it a day just for singles. One way to do this is to organise a house party or dinner party and invite all your single friends. You’ll have so much more fun than on a stuffy date that you’ll want to make this a new tradition! Another option is to plan a night out and hit the town with your crew of singletons. Dinner, drinks, a club, karaoke…who knows where the night will take you. You might even meet someone special while you’re out!

single valentine's day

Spend time with your pet

Ok, before you dismiss this idea, just think: who loves you more than your pet? If Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the one who loves you, why not spend it with your pet? You might be surprised to learn that many people actually do spend Valentine’s Day with their animals. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend $761 million on Valentine’s gifts for their pets each year. So, treat your little pal to a new toy to show them how much you love them. Then, sink into the couch and snuggle up to your pet while you watch a movie.

Send secret admirer notes

Nothing sparks Valentine’s Day joy like a letter from a secret admirer. While there’s no way of guaranteeing you’ll receive a mysterious note this year, you can make it happen for others. It can be a simple note on a sticky note or a letter on whatever stationary that’s lying around the house. You can even head to a craft store and put together some construction paper hearts like in elementary school. Then deliver them to the people that you love in your life, such as your parents or friends. Otherwise, you could make a stranger’s day and leave them in random places, like mailboxes, car windshields, or public benches. This is a positive way to spend Valentine’s Day for singles who still want to have a bit of romance.

Update your dating profile and find a last minute Valentine’s Day date

Then, of course, it’s never too late to find a date. Just because you don’t have a significant other right now doesn’t mean you have to be alone on Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been single for a while, take a moment to spruce up your online dating profile and browse the web for other intriguing individuals who don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone either. Certain sites, like EliteSingles and Zoosk, offer instant messaging options so you can see who’s online and want to meet up for an impromptu Valentine’s date. One great thing about making date plans with such little notice is that you have next to no time to stress. Just show up, have fun, and see where it goes from there.

single valentine's day

Remember, It’s Only Valentine’s Day

There’s no saying what the best way to spend Valentine’s Day for singles is. Whether you stay in or go out, what’s important is to enjoy yourself. Valentine’s Day is, after all, just a day like any other, no matter what Hallmark tells you. There’s no use in wallowing around the house. Just because you’re single this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you’ll be single forever!

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