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[Review updated – 24 May 2016] first burst onto the scene way back in the mid 90’s and set the benchmark for all the online dating sites that have followed in its wake. Fast-forward 20 years and it’s no surprise that offers one of the largest “single and looking” communities on the web. caters to the masses, offering simple dating services to provide a good reliable service. To properly enjoy’s dating services, you’ll need to register for a paid account. After doing so you’ll be able to unlock some great features to help you find love.

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Registration Process

Don’t be fooled by the pop-up asking your location and orientation, will ask you a series of questions so it can determine your personality and find suitable partners to match you with.
These questions may take some time to answer, however answering them will determine your potential matches based on your personality. This means good news as you’re bound to be paired up with other members you have a lot in common with. It’s highly advised to answer these questions as honestly as possible so the people at can do their best in finding you the perfect partner.

Registration Price Options - Top 5 Dating Sites Reviews

Registration Price Options

Creating a free profile allows you to enjoy the basic service offers, however, if you intend to go beyond a “wink” you’ll have to subscribe. Free membership will only enable you to receive messages but not to reply. Only paying members can contact each other and conduct a two way conversations – a must in the world of dating. offer a basic subscription where you can register for 1, 3 or 6 months.
Be sure to check the Subscriptions page carefully as often offer discounts on certain subscriptions e.g. save 66% when taking a 6 month membership.

Special Features - Top 5 Dating Sites Reviews

Special Features

As one of the pioneers of online dating, led the way in delivering many of the standard onliine dating features we now take for granted. There are also several special features we liked a lot.

Around Me

This is a great way to shake things up and discover new potential matches. Rather than searching for people who live or work near you, this feature allows you to press a button on the phone app to check out profiles of users who were in the same physical location during the past 24 hours.

Incognito Mode

If you fancy digging deep into your fellow members’ profiles without alerting them to the fact, Incognito Mode is for you. By clicking on the button that appears at the bottom of every page you can make your profile invisible for 24 hours or longer, and other members will not receive notifications, nor will appear in the list of views.


When you feel like you’re not getting the attention you deserve, Boost will increase the visibility of your profile, helping to get your profile in front of more users.


Due to the membership capacity and success rate of, the site also promotes social events where members get together at venues near them, have a drink, enjoy fun activities and get to know each other better. With a subscription you can get special discounts on these very successful dating events.

Conclusion - Top 5 Dating Sites Reviews

Conclusion have over 20 years’ experience which explains why they are so good at what they do. Thanks to their huge database, and thorough matchmaking algorithm, you’ll find that perfect someone in no time.

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Emma Walters
Emma is an arts and science student graduating this year from NYU. She loves New York City and writes about her big city single-hood experiences. “Being single in the Big Apple is more of a task than a status”, she says, “Dating sites are great for socializing, especially if you’re new in town”. Emma is a regular contributor to the Top 5 Dating blog.
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  • Robert Barnard

    Just withdrew from as my profile was hacked, pictures replaced and messages sent to my contacts. Don’t know what damage has been done as my account was closed. Had to change my own passwords, email, banking etc. Their security of your personal details is totally unacceptable

  • Craig

    Just as bad as zoosk!!!

  • Peter Lewis

    I notified Match last September that I did not wish to renew my 6 month membership, but they took the money via my debit card regardless! I was not impressed. I had to get my bank to intervene to ensure they did not take a further payment in March. Also too much detail requested in what you are looking for in a partner

  • Anon

    Awful, women are miserable

  • Faith Griffiths

    Dating site have social events too??
    Cool :)

  • Ruthi

    I absolutely love and I’m getting far more messages and winks than on any other dating site I registered to. That’s amazing! They do ask you a LOT of questions, but they’re cool questions that only clarify my search terms. I guess that’s why I see so many of my type of guys.


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  • Overall
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    Help & Support
    Awesome dating site!

    I had great dates with nice guys I met on here. I’m really getting to know people and hope to find that special someone soon enough.

    United Kingdom Review