Understanding body language can really put you one step ahead when it comes to understanding how someone you are talking to is feeling. By reading certain signs you can know if they are interested in what you are saying, or not. Nowhere is this a more vital skill than on a first date. Most of us already have the basic awareness skills, we just need to know the right things to look for.
In many ways, a date is very similar to a job interview. You want to make an impression and present yourself the best way possible. On the other hand, it’s not a job interview so you don’t want to overdo it and certainly not appear too formal.

There are a few things one should notice when arriving on a date. Let’s elaborate on some to better learn the signals:

Body Language Basics

The Look

Eye contact is crucial on a first date and should be kept in the right balance. You don’t want to stare at the person or have them staring at you. It might become a deal breaker as it seems a bit unusual and creepy. A good eye contact indicates confidence and interest. An interested man will usually look straight into a woman’s eyes and pair it with a smile. An interested woman will let out occasional flirtatious looks and will make sure he catches her doing it. Good eye contact is key for a first date to be successful.

Raised Eye Brows

When it comes to men, it’s a positive sign. When a man raises his eye brows it means that he’s interested in what you have to say, although he is still trying to play it cool. “It’s an almost universal sign that he fancies you”, says Superflirt author Tracy Cox. When it comes to women it’s usually a positive sign too. Raised eye brows paired with a smile means that she agrees with what you have to say. A woman raising her eye brows is also a little flirtatious gesture to express her interest in you.

The Giggle or Laugh

The laugh and giggle might come easily to you both and you’ll have a swell time. On the other hand tiny giggles can be caused by discomfort, shyness or indifference simply to overcome a weird situation. Make sure to notice the fake laugh. You really don’t want that on your date. Either way, make sure you don’t have something stuck in your teeth because that may be a deal breaker.

Posture is Everything

One of the signs to detect interest is the posture and where he/she is in relation to you. An interested woman will usually lean forward. If she leans back with her armed crossed she’s probably distant and doesn’t want to open up. A man leaning forward is very positive on a first date and when paired with him sitting with his legs apart, means he’s really making an effort to show you what he thinks is his best feature. For both men and women, slouching on a chair is never a good sign. Try to sit up as this will show you are interested in what is being said and and it will appear that you have more confidence. Don;’t forget to engage with the conversation as well as the company.


There are many factors to successful first date body language. Smile, raised eye brows, eye contact, giggle or laugh (don’t fake it) and good posture. Keep all of them in mind if you wish to ace that first date and good luck!

Dana Simmons
Dana was determined to find that special someone. Years of being single made her reluctant to believe salvation would come from the online environment. Now a married woman and a mother of two, Dana’s an advocate of online dating sites and is passionate on writing about their success. Dana is a regular contributing writer to the Top 5 Dating Sites blog.
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  • Joanna

    I can’t seem to make good eye contact with guys I’m on a date with… It’s really frustrating but necessary, from what I read on your article. I guess I really need to work on that one. Nice write up, Dana!

  • Danny

    That’s great to know. I’m a beginner at dating and just figuring out this stuff. Nice article, Dana!

    • Dana-Top5

      Thank you, Danny! Yes, these are important to spot, especially if your’e a dating newbie :-) Good luck with everything!