Compatibility is key for a successful relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean a couple has to like the same things or have the same opinion on all matters, but it’s crucial that some of your characteristics match in order to make the relationship have a higher chance of success. There’s a common saying that opposites attract, which is mostly true, however, having differences in your whole life approach might turn out to be an obstacle down the road and compromising is not the best solution for long term relationships.
If you’re part of the dating scene and experience an ongoing difficulty in finding potential matches, then dating compatibility tests might just be the right thing for you. These tests will definitely help you test your compatibility with other users and understand what it is you’re looking for. Let’s go back a little and understand what dating compatibility tests are, the questions they ask, and the way they actually calculate compatibility between two people.

Dating Sites Compatibility Tests – What Are They?

Most online dating sites, especially the known ones, offer their members dating questionnaires which are mainly personality tests based on several academic studies and scientific researches, and are aimed to determine which personality type you are and who you might have chemistry with. Another benefit of the test is that it will flag members who are not very interested in a serious relationship or marriage. Some of the questions will refer to the person you are, whereas others will be about the ideal person you are looking for.

What’s the Value of Compatibility Tests?

Compatibility tests are often being criticized for whether they are a substantial factor for matching people. Another reason for criticizing compatibility tests is that most dating sites label them as based on scientific research, a fact which cannot always be proven. To look at it differently, compatibility questionnaires are harmless as they’re only meant to help and not cause any damage. They are simple questions that can even be fun to answer. Compatibility tests contain many relevant questions which can identify important features in making a relationship a success of failure.
They also will provide you 5–10 minutes to look inwardly at yourself, and ask yourself some important questions which will help you understand what makes you tick or what you are looking for. Stopping and thinking about who you are and what you want should also serve to help you fill any awkward silences in potential future dates.

Do Compatibility Tests Actually Work?

Compatibility tests are meant to increase your chances in finding your potential match. They do not tell you when you’re going to fall in love and start a relationship with someone. They won’t predict your wedding date as they aren’t psychic. The question if they work or not is debatable, and really depends on the type of relationship you’re looking for. If you are in for a serious relationship then attraction based compatibility tests might do the work for you, and vice-a-versa.

Final Word

Overall, compatibility tests are meant to be fun and fascinating. It’s not entirely wise to rely 100% on compatibility test results as there’s always room for questioning, however most of them may ask important questions which raise important answers crucial for a success in learning more about yourself and inevitably finding your match.

Dana Simmons
Dana was determined to find that special someone. Years of being single made her reluctant to believe salvation would come from the online environment. Now a married woman and a mother of two, Dana’s an advocate of online dating sites and is passionate on writing about their success. Dana is a regular contributing writer to the Top 5 Dating Sites blog.
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