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  • High percentage of verified users

  • Convenient search and filter options

  • Live-chat is available

  • No subscription needed, buy tokens whenever you want

Pros & Cons

  • Simple Search Criteria based on User Location & Interests, making it easy to find a date in your area
  • Registration is free & an account can be created within a matter of seconds
  • You can “pin” your favorite profiles to a “favorites” board
  • The website is straightforward to use
  • Very safe platform which lets you stay completely anonymous if you wish
  • People have suspected that some of the profiles are fake
  • Sending messages costs “coins,” which you buy using real money
  • No Mobile App. For some, this can be considered as a limitation.

Plans & Pricing

One of the key features of the website is the fact that signup is completely free. You can make a profile on Pin-flirt in just a couple of seconds, free of cost.

Instead of paying a membership fee, users have to purchase “coins” on the website to send messages to other users. After signing up, the website gives users 80 free coins that they can use to make their first connections on the website.

On top of that, you can get free coins by completing specific steps on the website. For example, by verifying your email, you can get 100 free coins. Verifying your profile gets you 20 free coins while adding data such as a bio, uploading photos, and publishing your interests can also get you a certain amount of coins.

Messaging on the website costs 40 coins per message, which may seem like a lot, but depending on how much you message, this might actually cost less than monthly or annual subscriptions that have to be paid on other websites.

Pin-flirt allows users to buy a large amount of coins at a time, and the more coins you purchase, the less they will cost in the long run. The prices for coins on the website are as follows:

– £7 for 200 coins

– £15 for 400 coins

– £79 for 3000 coins

– £169 for 8000 coins

Coins on the website expire after 90 days since your last log-off date on the website, so to keep your coins, you have to make sure to log in regularly. Purchasing coins on the website also boosts your profile so that more users can see you, and you can find matches faster.

Depending on how much you message people on the website, you can save money on Pin-flirt since you only need to buy coins as needed, and since some websites require either a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription to get on their website, Pin-flirt is an excellent option for those who are on a budget.

200 Coins
400 Coins
3000 Coins
8000 Coins


While reasonably new to the world of online dating, Pin-flirt offers a new and unique way to pair up, meet up, and even build relationships with people in your area.

The website brings the concept of Pinterest to online dating, where users can “pin” profiles of people they find interesting to a “favorites” board where you can easily browse through other pinned profiles and start building connections.

Sign-up is completely free on the site and can be done in a matter of seconds. And once that’s complete, users can begin finding, messaging, and connecting with other users they find interesting.


  • "Price"
    7 /10
  • "Features"
    7 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    7 /10

Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier, creating a profile on Pin-flirt only takes a couple of seconds and is completely free. This is very convenient, considering that many other dating sites require you to spend money before making a profile.

When making a profile, all you need to put in is your date of birth, gender, whether you’re looking for men or women, your email address, the password you intend to use on the website, and your location. Pin-flirt does not ask for pictures, billing information, or other data up-front. Instead, you can upload them yourself if you like the site and decide to use it regularly.

Once on the website, you’re brought to the “browse” page, which shows you other Pin-flirt users based on your preference. For example, if you’re a straight man looking for women to talk to, the browse page will show you women who are also on the site looking for people to talk to. The website also offers services for gay men and lesbians looking for people of the same gender.

On Pin-flirt, you can “pin” other profiles to your favorites board so you can revisit the profiles at any time to send a message. While the website is only available on desktop, the site itself is straightforward to navigate, with the icons being self-explanatory and easy to understand.

Messages are straightforward to find, along with other features such as speed dating, live chat, and your favorites board. But we’ll get into more detail on that in the next section.

Special Features

Pinterest Meets Online Dating

As we’ve mentioned a couple of times in this article, one of the unique features of Pin-flirt is the way they go about online dating. Pin-flirt can be considered the “Pinterest of online dating.” This is because, just like the Pinterest site, users can “pin” their favorite profiles to a favorites board that they can revisit at any time.

On top of that, you can easily filter out profiles on your browse page so that you only view profiles you will be interested in. Pin-flirt allows you to filter out people based on age, location, interests, and even whether the users are online, have photos uploaded on their profile, or are new to the website.

Speed Dating

The website also has a Speed Dating page, which works similarly to how Tinder and Bumble do, where profiles of different users are shown to you, and you can decide whether or not you’re interested. Once you decide on one profile, the website will instantly show you another user for you to determine whether you’re interested.

Live Chat

Aside from the pinning feature and speed dating feature, Pin-flirt also offers live chat with real people. However, some users have reported that some of these profiles are not real people and are instead bots. It is stated in the website’s Terms of Agreement that they do use bots to chat with their users and send them fake messages.

On top of that, the website does not offer a mobile app, so you can only access it through a computer or your mobile phone’s browser. That being said, the website design is very modern and easy to navigate.

Site Safety

Like most websites nowadays, all of the information and photos shared with Pin-flirt are subject to their privacy policy. The website is closely monitored by staff to ensure that your data is not being misused and ensures your safety.

On top of that, the website uses SSL encryption to protect any financial data shared with Pin-flirt. That being said, Pin-flirt may share some of your data with third-party sites to offer certain products and services, but this is true with just about any social media platform in this day and age.

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to use the Pin-flirt website, and the company encourages users to create a unique username on their profile and not give out their real names to strangers.

Customer support

If you have any concerns with the service, help can easily be reached on their webpage. There is a very helpful FAQ section on the site that answers most of the common concerns that users have with the website. And if for some reason, the FAQ section didn’t address your concern, you can contact the website directly from their page regarding your matter, and you will have a reply within 2-3 days. Unfortunately, Pin-flirt doesn’t offer phone, live chat, or email support.

  • Email
    You can fill out a form on the website if you have any additional concerns and expect a reply in your email within 2-3 working days
  • FAQ
    The website has a very informative FAQ section that can deal with some common concerns and questions that customers have

Final Word

And with that, our review of the Pin-flirt dating website has come to an end. The website offers a unique take on online dating, and depending on how you use the site, you can save money compared to using platforms that require annual or monthly payments.

That being said, be wary of fake profiles on the website, as some users have reported that some of the profiles on the site are bots. But other than that, Pin-flirt can be an excellent way for you to meet new people and make connections using a unique spin on the classic online dating format.

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