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flag SSL security used to ensure secure dating
  • Webcam chat feature for all members
  • Send a kiss to anyone you like
  • Android and IOS applications
  • Easy to use, beautiful interface
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  • 13.09.18
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Easyflirt.com is an online dating website that does exactly what its name indicates: makes flirting and the overall dating experience easy and safe. With over millions of verified users as well as features like webcam chat and detailed search, it’s one of the best available options for those seeking dates.

Plans & Pricing

Easyflirt.com offers the following four paid subscription options:

3-day trial
If you want to try the platform before you spend a lot of money on a long-term subscription, you can opt for the 3-day trial which only costs $3.25 and you get all to try all the benefits of the bronze subscription (more on this below).

Gold subscription
The subscription recommended by most users, the gold subscription costs $34.99 per month. You are offered 30 days of access in which you can access features like unlimited profile visits, priority profile validation, unlimited webcam chats and unlimited contact requests etc.

Silver subscription
The silver subscription offers you 15-day access and costs $32.99 per month. You get features like 20 displays of your profile in the top ranking, 5 contact requests per day, access to customer service and unlimited message reading etc.

Bronze subscription
If you choose the bronze subscription, you get offered 7 days and are charged $31.99 per month. You get 10 displays of your profile in the top ranking, unlimited messages between matches, up to 4 photos on your profile, unlimited message reading and unlimited webcam chat access between matches, among other features.

Three-day trial
Gold subscription
Silver subscription
Bronze subscription

Ease of Use

Getting set up on Easyflirt.com is a breeze. You begin by adding your age, gender and email address. Then you are asked to verify your email address and enter your location and phone number (optional). You are then asked to add a picture (you can skip this during registration) and after that, you have to enter your billing details to pay for a subscription. You can choose between a 3-day trial, a gold subscription, a silver subscription, and a bronze subscription. However, if you don’t want to pay just yet, you can skip this step, visit the homepage of the website, and check some of its features out before you make a choice.

Getting instant access to potential dates is just a few clicks away. The website is easy to get used to and if you are lucky, you might even land your first crush in the first day!

Special Features

Webcam chat
One of the best features provided by Easyflirt.com is its webcam chat. Not many dating websites allow you to chat via your webcam and actually see the person you are trying to form a connection with. The chat works seamlessly without any lags and is available to some extent to all members.

Top ranking feature
Making use of the top-ranking features (available to most paid members), you can increase your chances of standing out in a sea of choices. So, at times you won’t even have to try to look for potential dates, people will see your name and face in the top ranking and they will come to you!

Legitimate dating
Easyflirt.com is not available for free but that only increases the chances of people finding legitimate dates. How? Scammers and catfishers get off the website to try their luck someplace else, as soon as they are asked to pay to continue.

Send kisses
If you are not good with words, you can just let your actions do all the talking. At easy flirt, you can send your crush a “kiss” if you want to convey your feelings for them to them without writing anything.

Mobile applications
Easy flirt is also available for your smartphones; both Android and iPhone. The applications are really easy-to-use and have beautiful designs. All the features of the website are available via the mobile applications.

Site Safety

Easy flirt uses state-of-the-art SSL security to secure the website and provide a spam-free dating experience to its members. Strong email validation and profile approval features makes it one of the safest places to date online.

Pros & Cons

  • Protected with SSL security
  • Webcam chat feature
  • Send a kiss to your crush
  • Android and IOS applications
  • Easy to use, beautiful interface
  • No support landline or live chat

Customer support

Easyflirt is extremely responsive and helpful when it comes to solving technical issues, billing problems, or profile hiccups. They’ve got a fantastic reputation for friendly and knowledgeable customer support.

  • Email
    To reach the support team, you can fill a form and the company will get back to you via email.
  • Video Tutorials
    A few videos are available on the company’s YouTube channel.
  • FAQ
    Visit the FAQ page on the company website, which answers some of the most important questions.

Final Word

Easyflirt.com lets you get access to the biggest collection of prospective dates, all while ensuring that you have a safe, spam-free dating experience every time. Features like webcam chat, profile validation and detailed search make it one of the best dating website choices for singles, regardless of their age, location or sexual orientation.

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