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The year 2018 was full of online dating trends that most people prefer not to be reminded of. For starters, ghosting was a tactic increasingly used within the last year. If you have ever fallen victim to ghosting, you know how agonizing it is. When someone ghosts you, they vanish you from their life like you never existed in the first place. Many people would claim that ghosting takes the no contact rule to a whole other level. According to Forbes Magazine, 40% of millennials have been victims of ghosting.

Along with ghosting came the irksome practice of kittenfishing. Instead of full-out catfishing, kittenfishing is when someone makes themselves appear differently online. This could include Photoshopping their photos, exaggerating in their bio, and just acting deceitfully in general.

Another trend that took 2018 by storm was haunting. Unlike ghosting, there are still itsy-bitsy amounts of contact when one haunts their ex. Typically prevalent on social media, haunting is when someone passively communicates with someone they used to see. This includes liking photos or watching Instagram or Snapchat stories. It’s almost as if your ex is still watching you from afar (creepily, that is).

What’s in Store for 2019?

As online dating continues to thrive this year, new dating trends are on the way. The predictions for 2019 are quirky, unique, and some of them downright ridiculous. These New Year predictions come straight from the experts. Even if you have a promising horoscope for 2019, these trends could steer it off track.


2019 dating trends throning

There’s nothing more selfish than throning – associating with someone just to make yourself look better. Self-centred and egotistical partners tend to do this the most. Is your significant other posting pics with you every time you go out? Spitting out your name whenever they get the chance? If so, there’s a good possibility your partner is sitting on a throne and enjoying every minute of it.


Remember how Bansky shredded his famous Girl with Balloon artwork just after it was sold in a Sotheby’s auction a few months ago? It’s inspired a name for a new dating trend.  With more and more people feeling cautious about taking on relationships, banksying is becoming increasingly popular. Essentially, it means planning to end a relationship (shredding it to pieces) far in advance. Someone who is commitment-phobic may know from the start that a new relationship will be short-lived while not alerting their date to this. It’s only a matter of time before he texts you out of the blue and calls it all off. You’re heartbroken; he’s relieved. That’s banksying for you.


Is your boyfriend or girlfriend a scrooge? You might not find out till the end of the year, according to 2019 predictions. Scrooging is when your partner breaks up with you before Christmas to avoid buying presents. You’ve probably already had to foot the bill on meals out, movie dates, and who knows what else. The most popular day for scrooging is December 11th. In fact, around 10% of Brits have dumped their partners to avoid buying Christmas presents.


2019 dating trends instagrandstanding

Almost every single millennial is guilty of Instagrandstanding. This tactic is when an Instagram user creates posts and stories specifically geared towards their crush. Say your crush loves Italian food – in fact, he drools just seeing a picture of homemade chicken alfredo. Since your mom is a rockstar cook who loves Italian, you post pictures of her homemade meals every chance you get. That’s not to say you don’t like showing off your mom’s mad cooking skills – but you’re really hoping to get your crush’s attention.


Let’s say you met a stunningly beautiful woman on eHarmony. However, after talking for a bit, all she has on her mind is food. You invite her to a meal at your favourite restaurant and bam – never hear from her again! This is called “sneating” – going out on dates just for free food. And chances are, your date isn’t going to be ordering a light meal.


The year 2019 will also bring dating trends like orbiting – the new and improved version of ghosting. Similar to haunting, orbiting is when your ex-lover cuts off direct contact with you, but still engages with you superficially. This includes watching your social media stories, liking your photos, and favouriting your tweets. When someone orbits you, they don’t want to completely throw you out of their life – rather, they intend to keep you at a distance.


Yes, Grande-in is one of the few dating trends inspired by celebrities. The term comes from Ariana Grande’s song released in 2018, “Thank U, Next.” However, unlike some new dating trends, Grande-ing is quite positive. In a nutshell, it means to stay positive after a breakup and to enjoy the single life. With her recent breakups, Ariana Grande knows the feeling all too well. No matter what caused the breakup, the only way to feel better is to keep your head up. Remember, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Next!

Hookup Culture: Will it Die in 2019?

Despite what older generations say, hookup culture is actually on its way out in 2019. A survey by Abodo shows that only 8.5% of millennials (out of 3,500) are looking for a hookup on online dating applications. Grindr, Bumble, and Hinge are the most popular platforms for casual encounters. If you’re looking for something more long-term, stick with a dating site like Elite Singles.

More Old-Fashioned Dates on the Way

2019 dating trends

Daters in 2019 will take a step back in time to more down-to-earth and authentic dating encounters. No more shallow and toxic meetups at clubs or late-night drinks that only end with a one-night stand. Instead of clubbing and cliché restaurant dates, more people will enjoy dates outdoors, in cozy coffee shops, and other relaxed atmospheres that promote conversation.

2019 is Your Year

Don’t let the predictions for 2019 scare you. If you choose to actively avoid the toxic dating trends, this year can be one of the best ones yet for you. Not only will you be happier, but you’ll also have more successful relationships. And remember, always listen to your gut. Just because your friends are ghosting or throning, doesn’t mean you should. Always remember to be considerate of your partner’s feelings and most importantly, your own.

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