Online Dating: Expectations VS Reality

Jovan Glisic

May 30 2021

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There’s no person out there who uses modern technology that hasn’t thought about dating online at least once in their life. Today, there are thousands of dating sites available for people from every corner of the world. Some sites are more popular than others but the common thing for all dating sites is the fact that people register to find that special someone.

The fast-paced lifestyle and trends that dictate how we live have robbed us of free time. Everything needs to be done quickly, whether it’s a trip to the store or even finding a hookup. Most things are done online and the easier it is, the more popular it becomes. That’s why many dating sites have reached peak popularity in the last couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic has only helped more people realize how much easier it is to meet someone if they do it online.

A Faster And Easier Way To Find A Date

When it comes to online dating, many have confessed it was a faster and easier way to find someone, whether it was a hookup or someone they’d be in a relationship with. By using the best dating sites, one gets to browse through thousands of profiles a day, finding relevant information about the people they’re looking at. It’s like going through a catalogue of potential partners. Nowadays, you don’t even need a computer or laptop, just download some of the popular dating apps and start browsing in a matter of minutes.

The simplicity behind online dating is that the best dating sites have algorithms that cross-reference your likes, dislikes, and location, after which it matches you with someone with the same interests as you. This way, you’ll have something in common with the person you’re matched with and it’s much more likely that you’ll hit it off than with anyone else.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best dating sites can’t match people with ideal partners quickly. When you take a look at some of the online dating profiles on these sites, you’ll know why not all people have the same success rate in finding new people to date or hook up with.

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More Time To Set Up Everything

Many people think that it’s enough to download some of the most popular dating apps and register an account on the best dating sites to find a match, but there’s much more to it than that. Creating an interesting profile has become art lately where people must take crystal clear photos that showcase their best features and write an interesting bio that will improve their standing compared to other online dating profiles.

Sometimes, it takes days before your dating profile will be completely ready. Completing your dating profile is one of the first online dating tips you’ll find anywhere you’ll look and it’s probably the most important one. Once people discover you, your profile is the first thing they’ll see and you need to leave a great impression to get matched with someone. If your profile picture is messed up and you haven’t written your bio, most potential partners will just skip you and move on. Although you’ll get noticed by much more people than in person, the time to set up everything is much longer than getting yourself ready to go out.


There Are Fake Profiles Out There

Fake online dating profiles are out there, and even the best dating sites have a bunch of them. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about that but learn how to spot fake profiles. Registering an account on the most popular dating apps and best dating sites such as EliteSingles, Match, or eHarmony will make it much easier, but you’ll still need to take precautions on who you’re going to meet.

Unlike the majority of members on the best dating sites, some of them don’t take online dating seriously. Some people will just waste your time, but it’s nothing to be surprised by. Even if you approach someone in person, you don’t know what they’re thinking; whether they’re interested in YOU or they just want to talk to someone they don’t know for the fun of it.

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Hookups Or Serious Dating?

Online dating attracts all sorts of people and even the best dating sites include a wide variety of individuals with specific needs. Some popular dating apps are specifically made for hooking up, but it’s not impossible to find someone you’ll get to know and love there. These types of apps match people based only on the location and look. Tinder is probably one of the most popular apps used to find hookups in a specific location, but thousands have found their life partners there as well.

What kind of people you’ll run into mostly depends on you. The way you set your profile, what kind of profile picture you use and what you write in your bio attracts a specific type of people to you. People are, in fact, looking for both. Some are interested only in physical intimacy and hookups with no strings attached. Others think that the best dating sites can help them find true love and someone they can spend their life with. Both sides are right and bost cases are possible.

Finding a hookup is much more likely than finding someone interested in a long-term relationship. You should know that knowing someone online and in real life is usually different and before committing to someone, you’ll definitely want to get to know them as much as you can. This takes time and before you both agree you’re in a committed relationship, you should consider that relationship to be a regular hookup. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should hide your emotions or try to exclude them completely, but be open to the possibility you’ll end up loving the person you met through online dating.

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Are Paid Online Dating Sites Worth It?

If you’re familiar with online dating, you’ve surely noticed that the best dating sites usually have a certain fee that you need to pay to get access. Popular dating apps are usually free, but also include much more fake online dating profiles that can mislead you into thinking you’ve actually met someone worth meeting in person.

Free dating sites indeed have much more online dating profiles than premium dating sites, but if you’re serious about finding a hookup or someone interested in a relationship, it’s much more likely you’ll find them on paid dating sites. If you don’t mind wasting a bit of time, free dating sites will be more than enough to get into the game, but if you’re someone with high standards and don’t like wasting time, paid dating sites are definitely worth the investment.

No matter what kind of online dating site you choose to register to, you’ll meet a lot of different people. Some will be honest, some won’t, but as long as you follow online dating tips available on the internet, you’ll improve your chances of finding someone worth meeting in real life.


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