Why an Online Dating Membership is a Smart Christmas Gift Idea

Joseph Oliveto

Dec 17 2020

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Are you not sure what to give as a Christmas gift to someone on your list this year? Or, are you considering treating yourself to a gift?

Coming up with Christmas gift ideas doesn’t have to be difficult if you think outside the box. That’s because a Christmas gift doesn’t need to be a physical object. For example, the right gift for someone (or yourself!) who’s currently single could be a dating site membership.

The following are just a few reasons memberships for dating sites are often ideal gifts. Keep them in mind if your list of Christmas gift ideas is running low!

Online Dating Memberships: Why They’re Perfect Christmas Gifts

Perfect Timing

Joining dating sites is a smart idea for a single person any time of year. However, it may be particularly wise during the holidays.

That’s because Dating Sunday tends to fall around early January. This “holiday” happens to be the most popular day of the year in regards to user activity on dating websites and apps.

It’s easy to understand why. First of all, some people feel somewhat depressed if they’re single during the holidays. With the start of the new year, they resolve to address the problem by joining dating websites to find the right match. On top of that, they know that Valentine’s Day is coming, and they’d prefer to have a date.

That means that someone who joins a dating website right around Christmas may have even better luck than usual finding a perfect match than they would any other time of year. They’ll theoretically be using their membership at a time when many others will be active on dating sites, increasing their pool of potential dates.

Treating Yourself

Again, an online dating membership could be a Christmas gift you give yourself. Many of us hold off on spending money on ourselves, especially during a time of year when we’re focused on buying gifts for others.

However, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time. After all, an online dating membership isn’t merely an unnecessary product that you may only use a few times and eventually forget about. It’s an investment in your romantic future. By giving yourself the Christmas gift of a dating website membership, you’re telling yourself that you’re worthy of love and capable of attracting it. That’s the kind of positive self-talk that we should all prioritise.

Supporting a Friend

While it shouldn’t be necessary to feel this way, the fact of the matter is, many people who’ve been single for a long time begin to feel bad about themselves, thinking they’re not attractive or pleasant enough to find a partner.

Maybe you know someone who feels this way. They’ve given up on looking for romance because they don’t believe they deserve it.

If so, you could give them a dating website membership as a Christmas gift to let them know you believe they’re perfectly worthy of being in a relationship. It’s a subtle way of telling them that they’re far more attractive and desirable than they may think.

That said, you should consider certain factors when determining what specific type of membership to give someone. This is simply because different types of dating websites cater to different types of people.

For example, maybe the person to whom you’re giving this gift is over the age of 50, and you know they’d prefer to limit their potential online dating matches to someone in their age group. If so, you could give them a membership for Silver Singles or OurTime. If they’re younger, they’d have more success on Match.

Flexible Options

Dating website memberships are also ideal gifts for virtually any budget. Although the cost of a dating website membership varies from one site or app to another, in general, most websites offer a variety of plans. This gives you a range of price options from which to choose.

Doing Your Part!

This may seem like a minor point, but in an age when more and more people are recognizing the importance of sustainability, it’s actually one worth considering whenever you’re buying gifts for someone.

Maybe you know someone who is both single and very eco-conscious. They might not necessarily want you to purchase them a physical gift when you could instead give them something much more sustainable.

An online dating membership would certainly suit their preferences! It’s a gift that has virtually no carbon footprint. The physical resources used to “create” a membership are absolutely minimal when compared to the vast majority of other potential gifts.

gift of love try online dating

Giving Someone a Reason to Try Online Dating

The benefits that dating websites and apps offer to those interested in finding love (or even just casual connections) are immense. As these services have grown more popular, millions of people throughout the world have had success using them.

Despite this, for a number of reasons, some people who would benefit from online dating memberships are reluctant to sign up for a service. Sometimes, whether they’re willing to admit it or not, they feel they’d be embarrassed to say they resorted to online dating to find romance. Others are skeptical of their ability to find a match with whom they’ll truly connect on an online dating platform. Some genuinely mean to give online dating a try, but they have busy lifestyles, and never seem to get around to creating an account.

However, if such a person were to receive a membership for an online dating site or app as a Christmas gift, they’d naturally have a reason to give online dating a chance. At the very least, they’d feel they need to try it for at least a short time. If they didn’t, they would feel they’d rudely dismissed someone’s gift.

Of course, once they do try their membership out, they may soon discover that online dating is much more enjoyable than they’d assumed it would be.

These are all great reasons to give someone (or, once more, yourself) an online dating membership as a Christmas gift. It’s a unique idea that many would appreciate. Happy Holidays!

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