Love Bombing: The Latest Dating Trend to Be Aware Of

Anha Khalid

Apr 27 2021

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Feeling swept off your feet, especially when meeting someone via dating sites, can be amusing and exciting. It is love that motivates us sometimes to wake up each morning. It might seem like a cliché, but affection keeps us alive.

Being loved and made extraordinary by someone is lovely. It gives us great joy to have a person on our side to lean on, a special one who keeps our spirits up, and one that we can count on day after day.

When we fall in love, it clears all the burdens and worries, making us feel like everything is just bright and beautiful. Often, in order to be able to find someone that can fulfill our dreams and purpose, we employ the use of online dating sites. Therefore, choosing the best dating site is important; for instance, you may visit sites like Elite Singles and Match.

Feeling nice is something to look forward to when you are with the right person. In the same way that love is what makes us whole, it could also be a way to break us apart and even destroy us.

A song says too much love will kill you, and it turned out to be true. Particularly if you are hooked on the person and feel affectionate for them, it can seem scary and dangerous.

Unfortunately, sometimes there can be someone who approaches you with loving words and manipulative behaviours, and it seems like they are just for you. However, eventually, you’ve been the victim of love bombing.

What is Love Bombing?

Have you ever heard of the latest trend in online dating called love bombing? If so, have you been the victim of it, or have you recognized the signs for the first time? If not, you should finish reading this article to avoid further trouble and how you can find the best dating sites to meet your true love. What is love bombing? What are its signs? And how could you avoid it?

Romance is in everyone’s heart, and that’s for sure. Being appreciated make us feel butterflies in our stomach. Even more so, when someone exerted too much effort in making us feel special, you all almost go into that one person who will make you feel perfect, or even make you think all is perfect like fairy tales are true.

He will make you feel that you are almost a princess, giving you the feeling that you are his only love. Also, they will show you extra appreciation, promises, gifts and manipulate you using these gestures as a way of controlling or manipulating you. It’s as if you are being courted a few times and being showered with adorable bouquets and chocolates.

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The result of this will make you feel lovely and perfect, but if you can’t manage to get hooked with this narcissistic person in the end, then you are more likely to fall into unhealthy relationships. These actions seem too good to be true, which leads you to fall for the trap and leaves you unable to get free.

As soon as you start getting used to his sweetness and efforts, one day, he’ll ghost you. Then, the following day, you’ll wake up to find that he has stopped being romantic towards you. It is like your mind is being predisposed to these kinds of sweet affections that make you crave for them.

Once they do this, they will use the cliché reason “it’s not you, it’s me,” and you’ll think that you haven’t been enough all this time. Often, the victim is just being ghosted by the person, long after feeling charged and euphoric with him.

Thus, before you end up feeling miserable and strangled, it is important to know the early warning signs before you are manipulated. Specifically, if you just met him through dating sites, below we provide you the list.

Warning Signs of Love Bombing

You can tell that your love bomber exhibits excessive affection displays early on in the relationship. Also, you will have a feeling that everything given to you is your debt to pay. At times, they can be so smart that they’ll target your weaknesses.

However, this person may be completely unaware of what he is doing, and you might not be able to spot his true intention. If you and your date just met on one of the most popular dating apps, be sure to watch out for the following:

  • Luxurious Gifts

It was a time when you were being pampered with exuberant gifts even though you just met him on some popular dating apps and do not even know him directly yet. If you go on a date, he lavishes you with gifts and always pays the bills.

It is almost impossible to believe that he will say that he is madly in love with you when you tell him that the amount of money spent is way too much. Suddenly, these gifts are transient, and all of them were pre-planned, so he knew how to escape these efforts because his efforts and choices have been pre-planned.

  • Too Good to Be True Praises

It is natural for us to be moved, blush, and feel our hearts being gently touched when we hear sweet words. With such appreciations accompanied by efforts and gifts, we cannot help falling head over heels in adoration.

Yet, you ought to be aware of whether the praises and compliments are as hollow as they are inauthentic. Besides, if they don’t see any negative aspects about you, they will almost see you perfectly and flawlessly.

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  • Too Clingy

Your love bomber will always find time for you, like “no” doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. The moment you meet him, he’ll make you feel that he is always there for you, and right after a date, he wants to talk to you on the phone for hours.

Moreover, they will constantly communicate with you and remind you of such cheesy words. Yet, he plans to have you focused on him as if he is already the center of your universe.

  • Trust Your Instincts

A woman’s instinct has long been extraordinary because many women say that their instincts are correct. You have to trust your gut instinct when you feel something is amiss, so you should observe the person.

Additionally, if you feel this way, then that is also a sign for you to distance yourself from him. The moment someone starts to make you feel that there is something unusual going on, you should pay attention. One can say that soldiers must learn when to fight and surrender.

Best Dating Sites

The popularity of online dating sites has made them the new go-to site for those searching for true love. And it is possible to meet ours only on an online dating site. It is also important to be cautious with dating sites nowadays, as many have been used to scam and cheat people.

In order to protect yourself from troubles, it is essential to know about the best dating sites. If you want to find a reliable, highly rated, and highly reviewed dating site, here are our recommendations of the best dating sites to consider.

It is the most popular choice and thus far one of the best dating sites. You are guaranteed to meet someone serious through this online dating site. If you are going to turn to various popular dating apps, Elite Singles should be a must to consider, as finding you a compatible life-long partner is their pleasure.

The profile has a high percentage of members who are 30+ and the percentage of members with university degrees is over 85%, making it a good place for serious dating. They also have a magnificent matchmaking process that will help you find the most suitable partner that can share a lifetime of happiness with you.

Millions of people have already found their “happiness,” so your search for the best dating sites ends here. There’s no doubt that this is one of the popular dating apps out there, which gives singles an array of choices according to their interests. People hoping to be shot by cupid will also be able to provide precise details about their personality.

Thus, if you are willing to give it a shot to find a good relationship, you must consider these best dating sites. So as not to be a victim of love bombing, do not forget the signs and tips we give so you can have perfect and long-lasting happiness.


The latest trend in online dating is getting the entire buzz. And once you have become a victim, the love bomber will make you lose all confidence in yourself and create a wall between you and the outside world. If you aren’t strong enough to handle his evil ways, you’ll probably end up destroying yourself.

Thus, if you have been demonstrating to him that you are desperate for love and affection, he can easily manipulate you into believing you are dumped until you can’t escape the feeling of being unhappy.

Hence, it is important to limit your boundaries when dating and ensure that you do not give your entire heart and soul to everyone you meet. Therefore, it is important if you have been an avid user of online dating sites and know the legitimate sites that will save you from falling for the love bombing trap.


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