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It can be quite a lengthy process going from meeting a girl online and then meeting them in person, but that is just how online dating works. Sometimes it can move at a very slow pace. Often it depends on which dating sites you are trying out. There are a few sites that are better at making email and text buddies rather than dating partners, so choose your dating apps wisely.

But once you actually meet the girl and have a few dates under your belt, it is time to introduce them to one of your other true loves: action films. If this relationship is going to work out, then it is best to determine if she is able to watch action movies with you and actually enjoy them. If not, do you really want to spend the rest of your life secretly sneaking in action films in the dark basement? Below are a few action movies to test out on your new love to help you determine if she is the one.


Rocky was written by a struggling actor named Sylvester Stallone back in 1975. Of course, Stallone has become a monster star since then, but at the time he was so down and out that he had to sell his dog because he no longer had the money to feed him. He wrote the screenplay in only three and a half days and had to fight to star in it. The studio had well-known actors that they wanted in the starring role instead of the nobody that Stallone was at the time.

There is a good chance that your new girl might love Rocky. There is a love story that is included in this action film that she could enjoy. Plus, the relationship between Rocky and Mickey is an interesting one. Even if she doesn’t like boxing, she should love this movie.

The Dirty Dozen

There are a few movies that I can watch over and over again, and the Dirty Dozen is one of them. It is enjoyable every single time and I see something new usually each time I watch. Another is The Time Traveler’s Wife. Don’t judge me. Hopefully, your dating partner will enjoy movies from that era. I used to date someone who thought movies from the 1980s were considered old and didn’t want to watch anything older than that. Needless to say that relationship didn’t work out.

The movie is a sort of war film that came out in 1967. The “dozen” that are referred to in the title are the twelve men that were taken out of military prison in an effort to achieve a top-secret mission. There is a ton of action in The Dirty Dozen, but there is also a good plot to the movie as well. Interesting note, even though Lee Marvin does a great job in the film, John Wayne was their first choice. Wayne turned them down because he did not like the script all that well. It’s a shame because adding John Wayne to any movie makes it automatically better.

The Matrix

Keanu Reeves is great in the role of Neo in The Matrix. There are amazing special effects in the film and enough action to keep anyone entertained. The storyline can be a bit difficult to follow with the plot emphasizing how dangerous artificial intelligence can be, so be prepared for questions during the film. Hopefully, not too many questions though. Being in a relationship with someone that asks a lot of questions during a movie can be a deal breaker. There is only so much shushing a person can do!


It wouldn’t be an action film list without having a movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Predator is a bit sci-fi as well, so it is not just a regular shoot ‘em up action movie. With an amazing cast, including Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura, it is an easy movie to like. This is when Schwarzenegger was in his prime and producing good movies time after time. Later on, once he became the governor in California, he became a bit neutered. Politics can do that to you I guess.

The Warriors

This cult favourite film should be in everyone’s collection. This 1979 movie will make you cheer and, unintentionally, laugh. A street gang appropriately named The Warriors has to battle through various street gangs on their trek home late one night. Each street gang had their own look and theme. There is a gang that is actually dressed up as baseball players. The outfits get sillier and sillier, but the action makes it enjoyable. I wish all current street gangs in real life would wear matching outfits as they did in this movie. If your girl likes this movie, she might be relationship material.

Rocky Balboa

The list started with a Rocky movie and ends with a Rocky movie. If your girl only watches two Rocky films, these would be the two to force her to watch. If she really does like them, have her watch all 22 of them. Rocky is an old man by this time and he has been out of boxing for a long time. However, with the death of his wife, he has a bit of something that he needs to work out in the ring. He has a one-fight comeback and amazes everyone in the process. It wouldn’t be a Rocky film without an amazing training montage that makes you want to leap off the couch and start doing pushups like this kid.

There is my list of action movies that I believe your girl will love. I can’t make any guarantees though. Some women just don’t like action films no matter if there is a good plot or not. And even if she does not exactly like them, if she tolerates them for you then that is a good sign. Just like you will tolerate romantic comedies for her.

Jake Soto

Jake is photographer residing in free spirited San Francisco. He loves documenting things with his camera on a daily basis. He was not into dating sites until hearing some great stories when he became a dedicated user himself. “Dating sites are detailed, visual and versatile, just like photography”. Jake is a regular contributor to the Top 5 Dating blog.

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