23 Dates to Go on Before Fall Arrives

Melissa Schreiber | 20.09.16 | | Comments

If you have been in denial like me, it’s time we face it – summer is coming to an end. Whether you’re in college and need to go back to school soon, or your college years are behind you and you’re living the 9-to-5 working life, none of us ever loses that “summer holiday” feeling from childhood.

Instead of moping around with that dreaded feeling of cold weather returning, let’s make the most of the long summer days we have left by going on some awesome dates!

Read on for some hot summer date ideas:

1. Splash around at a water park

Instead of sitting in air conditioning all day, you can stay cool, while still going outside for some fresh air. Bring your bikini and get ready to get wet! Lounge with your date in the lazy river, or showcase your adventurous side on the steepest water slide.

2. Have a picnic at the park

Get a picnic basket and prepare some delicious food. A picnic is a cheap way to impress a date, and you can make it fancy by bringing wine, watermelon, and feta cheese. Take a seat in the grass and find shapes in the clouds. Discover the top 5 aphrodisiac foods to bring on your date.

3. Go for an evening run

While it’s still warm in the evenings, put on your cutest exercise outfit and go for a run together. You’ll help motivate each other to do better.

4. Go kayaking

Go to your nearest river or lake and rent a two-person kayak. Bring fun snacks in a waterproof bag and get a romantic playlist ready on your phone. There’s nothing like singing together while you’re out in nature!

5. Find an outdoor concert

There are tons of great artists to choose from during the summer. Pick an outdoor concert, whether it’s a new up-and-coming musician to discover together, or your favorite singer. There might also be a fun music festival to check out.

6. Have a beach day

Show off your itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini. Get a raft for you both to float on together. Bring paddleball with you, jump over waves together, and have a playful day in the sun.

7. Start a water fight

Beat the summer heat together by having a water fight. If you’ve got a super soaker lying around from your childhood days, fill it up and get ready for war! If not, water balloons are just as fun, if not more.

8. Go on a road trip

Choose somewhere neither of you have been before, and make an adventure out of it. Explore a new town or neighborhood together and let your hair blow in the wind on the drive there.

9. Go biking

Explore your city by bike together. It’ll be great exercise, and you’ll feel like kids again! Take a break at a delicious ice cream place.

10. Go to the zoo

There is something so adorable and romantic about going to the zoo together. Maybe it’s because the fuzzy animals give you that warm and fuzzy feeling!

11. Check out a local street fair

Street fairs can be a great escape – they make you feel like you’re on holiday when you’re right in your very own city. Share a fun snack from a food stand while you’re there and try on funny hats!

12. Play Frisbee

Playing a game together is a great way to get comfortable with each other. All that running around will get you both smiling.

13. Stargaze

Find the darkest outdoor area near you. All you need is a blanket and each other. Watching the magical night sky together will help you really get to know each other, and it will get you in the mood to talk about each other’s deepest thoughts and desires.

14. Make a rooftop movie theatre

Use your own rooftop, or find a friend who has one. Put up a sheet, make a projector out of a shoe box and your phone, and feel like you’re at a private drive-in movie theatre! Choose an old black and white movie for an extra vintage feel.

15. Spend the day at a hotel pool

Want to feel like you’re on holiday for the day? Pamper yourselves with a day at a pool. Maybe even get a couple’s massage. Relax and enjoy a luxurious day of pool, hot tub, pool, hot tub.

16. Go wine tasting

Put on your sundress and your biggest, floppiest hat, and drive to the nearest vineyard to have a classy, day outside. Take a tour of the winery and get tipsy on all the flavors. To get the most out of the date, learn exactly what the other person is saying, when they’re not saying anything. Check out this guide to body language to make sure you’re prepared for your first date!

17. Go horseback riding

Enjoy the country-side while horseback riding together. The fresh air and the clip clopping of the horse’s hooves will soothe you.

18. Have a bonfire and make s’mores

Get cozy by the bonfire outside. Cuddle up, tell ghost stories, and eat s’mores.

19. Pretend to be tourists

Take a bus or walking tour of your city. Discover things you may not have noticed about your city, while speaking in funny accents.

20. Go on a hike

Get out your hiking boots, pack your granola, and have a nature-filled day together.

21. Go mini-golfing

Feel like high schoolers and enjoy a laid-back night at the mini-golf course.

22. Go apple picking

He’ll help you up the ladder while you’re choosing a red delicious. Wear red lipstick to match your surroundings!

23. Gone fishin’

Enjoy a quiet, peaceful morning while fishing and chatting about anything and everything. Cook the fish that you caught together for dinner!

What’s your favorite summer date? Tell us in the comments! Find someone to have summer fun with! The top online dating sites are waiting for you here.

Melissa Schreiber

Melissa is a lover of love, writing, and pretty things. A hopeless romantic, she lives her life as if she’s in a romcom and believes that sometimes you need to actively find your destiny instead of waiting for it to find you. An experienced online dater, Melissa understands how dating sites are the modern day matchmakers.

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