9 Online Dating Sites That Don’t Deliver

Alexa Weeks | 22.08.17 | | Comments

How long, on average, does it take you to sign up for an online dating site? From jumping through the initial hoops of entering your personal information, to answering quiz questions, from uploading just the right photo, to filling out that dreaded “about me” section, you can easily spend 45 minutes trying to put your sexiest foot forward.

Now, how many of you have gone through that entire process just to start browsing profiles and be wildly disappointed? For veteran online daters, this scenario is all too familiar. Skip the headaches and preserve your trust in online dating by letting us filter out the dating sites you should avoid all together.

Stick with us and our list of ‘dating sites that don’t deliver’ and you’ll never fall victim to sucky sites again.

1. Farmers Only

FarmersonlyDreaming of living on wide-open land with your hunky farmer husband as he tends to the soil? Well, I’ve got bad news for you: you’re not going to find him on FarmersOnly.com. If you’re looking for an actual farmer, you’d have better luck hopping on your tractor and cruising at 10 miles per hour through the corn fields of Nebraska. The majority of the members subscribed to FarmersOnly.com are not actually farmers, but farmer fans. We’ve got to give em’ credit though; FarmerOnly.com is a fantastic concept for a dating site but the supply of lonely country boys is far smaller than the demand.

2. Beautiful People

Who’s to say what defines beauty? If you agree with the consensus over at BeautifulPeople.com that lip injections, spray tans, skintight man-shirts and questionable self-esteem is beautiful, than by all means, sign up! But if you fall for the naturally beautiful or the kind of beauty that is not flaunted on MTV reality shows, we suggest that you move along to a dating website with a little more substance and variety.

3. Hot or Not

Hot or NotHotOrNot.com actually defines themselves as a dating website. But is rating a person’s physical appearance on a sliding 1-10 scale really going to set you on a path to long-lasting love? We doubt it. While holding the key to someone else’s self esteem in your hands might feel good for a minute or two, after a while this website just feels callous. If you want to swipe through a bunch of people’s photos, there are apps for that and many of them offer much better odds towards a connection than HotOrNot.com.

4. Miss Travel

The film ‘Pretty Woman’ resonates with all hopeful romantics on a seriously deep level. The idea of being swept off your feet by a handsome and successful man only to fall in love; or meeting a free-spirited woman who intently wants to support your dreams and feed you fruit in bed is many people’s ultimate fantasy. That is exactly the fantasy MissTravel claims to provide. However, when we get down to brass tax, this is essentially a sugar daddy site where men offer to take women on vacations or ask these women to accompany them on a work trip. The only problem: most of the men are penniless and the majority of the women are just looking for someone to pay their electric bill.

5. Adult Friend Finder

You’ve seen them. Those pop up ads touting that there are “hot singles” in your area waiting to meet you and only you! If you’re alarm bells didn’t start ringing then, let me sound them for you now. This is a case of “too good to be true”. While the website’s homepage features a sexy single in a suggestive pose, you’ll find that many profiles on this site belong to sketchy horn-balls with photos from 5 years ago and incomplete profiles. There’s nothing intriguing about that.

6. Purrsonals

We wanted to love Purrsonals – we really did! But unfortunately, this dating site was purrfectly disappointing. It doesn’t matter that this Purrsonals.com has an enjoyably interactive interface or that it is free to sign up, because there are barely any members in their database! If the stars are aligned, you might strike it lucky browsing in New York City, but if you’re looking for a feline-friendly partner in a smaller city such as Oklahoma City or San Antonio – you’ll be fortunate to find 10 members who match your specific age and gender preferences. Sorry cat lovers, try again.

7. Meet an Inmate

Ah, unrequited love. The idea of falling in love with someone just outside your reach is a kind of torture that some people simply can’t get enough of. That is precisely what users will get when they become flirtatious pen pals with prison inmates doing 25 years to life. But when the adrenaline settles and the novelty wears off, bi-monthly conjugal visits just aren’t enough to satisfy the desire for a true, long-term relationship. Everyone deserves love and second chances, but MeetAnInmate.com is not how you’re going to find it.

8. My Lovely Parent

Your intentions may be pure, but playing online matchmaker for your parents is a tricky task. The first step on MyLovelyParent.com is to divulge your mom or dad’s email to the site so they can send unsolicited dating advice to your unsuspecting parent. The next step is to peruse matches for your mom or dad like you’re setting them up on a play date. The problem here is that you have no tools to gauge chemistry or attraction; remember, you’re talking to some other lonely parent’s child on the other end. With too many middlemen at the keyboard, finding a real connection for mom or dad falls flat fast.

9. Fling

Looks can be deceiving online, my friends. When you first visit Fling.com, you might be taken aback by the plethora of overtly sexual and attractive profiles staring back at you. Don’t get too excited; word on the street and user feed back suggests that a large percentage of these profiles are most likely fake. That’s right, totally made up by lonely Catfish using sexy photos they found online or as some CEOs in the online dating world claim, are just bots that help Fling.com keep customers interested. Don’t waste your energy on this scammy dating website.

Love is a battlefield – you’ve got to know where and how to avoid the duds and bombs or you’ll never make it out alive. The more you know now, the less time you’ll spend signing up for dead-end dating websites with nothing to offer you or your future.

Before going to all the trouble of signing up for a dating website, creating a profile, and submitting your photos for the world to see- check out some honest dating website reviews. There is a library of feedback on the internet these days to guide you towards picking reliable and promising sites to trust with your time, your privacy, and your heart.

Alexa Weeks

Alexa is a writer, traveler, and self-proclaimed online dating expert from Seattle. From making mistakes, to falling in love, she’s experienced it all. Alexa is here to give you all the tips, insight, and advice you'll ever need in the world of dating and romance.

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