Best Winter Date Ideas

Dana Simmons | 23.01.18 | 0 Comments

You met through online dating using the best dating sites and go on the same dates all year round. It’s cocktails, appetisers and maybe dinner, but nothing that really pushes you and your new love interest closer together. Winter has come, so take advantage of this special time of year to plan fun dates that are out of the ordinary. This holiday season, try some new things with your date! Get creative, go outside of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to goof around!

While it’s here, take advantage of this magical season with these playful and romantic winter date ideas:

1. Go Ice Skating

Holding hands while ice skating is mandatory. It’s a great opportunity for you to get close to your love interest. Get bundled up with a cute scarf, some cosy mittens and hit the ice. You don’t have to be a pro for this to go well. In fact, falling a few times is quite endearing and leads to more opportunities for physical contact. For the most romantic ice skating rink, check out Somerset House. Afterward, you can head to the West Wing for an enjoyable time.

2. Ultimate Movie Night

Baby, it’s cold outside. All the more reason to stay in, right?!

Create the ultimate romantic themed movie night with rom-coms such as ‘The Ugly Truth’, ‘Life As We Know It’ and the ultimate rom-com classic ‘There’s something about Mary’ .” Get the popcorn going, make a few drinks and grab the cosiest blanket you can find. This winter date will certainly be full of cuddles, giggles and hopefully some sweet romance.

3. Party Date

Keep your ear to the ground for upcoming parties. Whether it’s a work event or a friend’s party consider this the perfect opportunity to ask out your crush! No decent parties around? Then host your own! Gather some friends for a night of interesting-themed games, drinks, and food. If you’re the kind that gets nervous during 1-on-1 dates, then use this social setting to your advantage!

4. Go to an Ice Hockey Game

Embrace the chilly weather with an even chillier spectator event. Cuddle up at a hockey game with a couple of beers and hot dogs while watching one of the most exciting live sporting events around. Extra points if neither of you have ever been to a hockey game before! Together, you can experience the madness that is body checking and fist fights. You’ll find tons of pro hockey matches in Belfast and Glasgow, or look into local junior hockey leagues in your area that are just as wild (and a little cheaper).

5. Pottery Painting

Unleash your creative side while getting some intimate 1-on-1 time at a pottery painting studio.  Places like ‘Paint the Town’ in London have a fun selection of holiday ceramics for you to choose from – right off the shelf. Paint ornaments for yourselves or decorate coffee mugs for each other, all while sipping on some warm tea and baked treats. Pottery painting in the winter is a laid-back way to get to know your date in a warm, pressure-free environment.

6. Holiday Bake Off

Channel your inner ‘British Bake Off’ and host one of your own.  Start the date from scratch: you each decide what you’re going to bake or make, then go shopping for ingredients together. Turn some Christmas music on in the kitchen, pour a glass of wine and bake away! In the end, the one with the best holiday treat wins. What do they win? That’s for you two lovebirds to decide. Wagering is half the fun.

7. Hot Chocolate Stroll

You don’t have to go all the way into the big city to have a romantic holiday date. Tell your date to put on their warmest winter coat, show up with a couple of hot chocolates and enjoy a low-key stroll while taking in the sights with some good conversation.

Final Thought

Whether it’s your first date, tenth date, or you are a seasoned couple with years of love between you, use the chilly season to your advantage! The cold weather is perfect for cuddling, getting close and igniting passion!  Now is the time to ask out that man you’ve been eyeing for weeks or the woman who smiles at you in the hallway. Having a fabulous date planned is half the battle; the connection and romance will work themselves out.

Dana Simmons

Dana was determined to find that special someone. Years of being single made her reluctant to believe salvation would come from the online environment. Now a married woman and a mother of two, Dana’s an advocate of online dating sites and is passionate on writing about their success. Dana is a regular contributing writer to the Top 5 Dating Sites blog.

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