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If you are above 50 and single, the dating scene can be a bit harsh on you. You don’t really fit in the clubs or on regular dating sites. If you’re looking for someone with whom you can enjoy a nice walk in the park or a scoop of ice cream, or even something more passionate, there is one place you can go to – OurTime. This site has everything that golden singles are looking for. Whether you’re looking for someone of the opposite sex or the same sex, you will find partners of your own age group here. Let’s see how it works.
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Registration Process

The registration is pretty simple. It will begin by asking your gender and your preferences. Whether you’re a man seeking a man/woman or a woman seeking a man/woman, just pick the options from the drop down box. It will also ask your date of birth. If you are not 50 or older, the website will suggest that you should visit match.com, which is a dating site for younger people.

Once you enter these details, a chat bot will ask for more details from you such as your location, your preferred username, email address, and password. Once your details are entered correctly, the bot will create an account for you and you can start searching for singles in your area.

Plans & Pricing

OurTime offers three pricing plans. If you want to get the monthly plan, it will cost you £39.99 per month. The three-month plan would cost £74.97 (£24.99 per month). The best value plan is the six-month plan where you’ll pay £119.94 (£19.99 per month). People generally opt for the 6-month plan because finding the right partner takes some time. To be honest, it’s a costly price to pay. However, the website is offering an introductory price with 30% off, which cuts the prices a lot and the services become more affordable.

They have several payment methods including PayPal, credit cards, and telephone payment.


The website asks the user all about their body type, looks, interests as well as their ideal partners. As it keeps asking you for more details, it keeps filtering people and shows you the people you might be interested in.

It is very simple to use. The bot automatically creates an account and asks all the questions to assess your personality. As people over 50 might be less tech-savvy, this website is designed perfectly, keeping them in mind. It asks for everything from your habits and smoking preferences, to sports interests and your favourite movie genres.

When you subscribe to their services, you get several benefits. When you get a subscription, you can:

  • Send unlimited messages to people you are interested in
  • Discover people who like you
  • View complete profiles of other users
  • Have an ad-free experience
  • Install OurTime on other devices as well
  • Get special member pricing

You can show your interest in other users by sending winks or messages. Or you can simply add them to your favourites. People can wink at you or you can wink at them. However, if someone winks at you, you cannot see who it was unless you’re a paid member. You can wink at others without paying, though.

The website allows you to search for the right match and tally your crushes using the Blender. If you like someone, you can message them and send text or gif – whatever way you prefer. The best feature of the website is that it has a number of users. This means you don’t have to lower your standards. Don’t like someone who isn’t interested in football? No problem. There is a large volume of users and there are high chances you’ll find someone for a relationship – or a casual meeting – whatever you want!

Blender: OurTime will come up with 100 profiles every day that suit your preferences. It will show all profiles one by one and you can simply click on Yes/No if you like/dislike them. The suggestions will include a photo and basic details and you can decide if you have a crush on them. It will also show you the number of interests that are common to both of you. The people you “Yes” on the Blender will be added to your favourites.

Want to take online relations out into real life? Here’s your chance. OurTime will list some activities that are going on in your area. Just visit those events and you can find the other singles near your location. OurTime holds painting classes, weekend getaways, and many other such activities. Some of them are free while others are paid. You can reserve your place in these events by letting them know on time.

It also shows the members that are currently online. That way you can start a new conversation with the members that are presently available. The search feature of the website lets you select a number of filters to find out the right partner living near your location.

OurTime also has apps for mobile platforms but the website performs better on the desktop instead of mobile.


Support and Safety

The website is safe to use and is popular among mature people looking for relationships. The customer support is available to paid members only. If you are looking for some help with a particular website feature, it’s best to get a subscription. As discussed earlier, there are three payment plans for that.

Pros & Cons

It has a large number of users There are several features that are available only to paid members
You’ll find several useful features on the site Since there is a lot of competition, your profile will not generate interest without a photo
Since there is a lot of competition, your profile will not generate interest without a photo

The Final Word

OurTime is a hugely popular dating service for people over 50 years of age. It is user-friendly and feature-rich. And since it has a number of users, it becomes easy to find a match. A great thing about this service is that you can take your online relationship outside the digital world by meeting them at the events organised by OurTime. This senior dating site lets singles meet online, discover new crushes, and chat with each other. It keeps track of all your activity so you don’t ever lose a connection. The service is available on desktops as well on different mobile platforms. With all these features, it is certainly the best website for seniors and is rightly called the Match.com of mature dating.

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Dana Simmons
Dana was determined to find that special someone. Years of being single made her reluctant to believe salvation would come from the online environment. Now a married woman and a mother of two, Dana’s an advocate of online dating sites and is passionate on writing about their success. Dana is a regular contributing writer to the Top 5 Dating Sites blog.
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  • Steve

    Ourtime is simply a subset of Match with the under 50s filtered out. Your can be paying a subscription to both site and getting access to exactly the same members. I discovered this when I got talking to a lady I met on Ourtime, but during ou conversation it emerged that she found me on Match. Ourtime is a con. You can achieve exactly the same by just subscribing to Match and setting your own filter to 50+.

  • Tracey

    I have been on this site for 2 weeks, meet a lovely man from France called Freddy, full of compliments, gave me lots of attention & sent lots of photographs. Once he thought he had gained my trust, he then asked me for £1700 for a business transaction whilst he was in Morroco. THIS IS WHEN YOU SAY NO! And delete, block, everything you can do, and do NOT have any further contact! There are so many stories on here, about vulnerable women, giving away thousands of pounds to scammers! And these dating sites want nothing to do with it! These scammers just want your money! They don’t care who joins, they just want the money from you! BE CAREFUL PLEASE x

    • Dana Simmons

      Hi Tracey,
      Thank you for taking the time out to call our attention to this. The online sites we review and compare are for genuine people searching for genuine connections. There are always scammers out there and unfortunately you fell prey to one. Good luck with your future online dating experiences!

  • Penny

    This site is a total con .. I joined for one month only as stated in the offer but then they took a further months money £39.99 with the automatic renewal ithout my consent .. they basically stole money from me .. I see this has happened to 100’s of people .. this shouldn’t be allowed to happen these companies scam innocent people day after day .. can something be done about this …… please

  • Dafydd Williams

    I cancelled the automatic renewal with more than a week to spare, and they sent me an email confirming that. However they still took a renewal £49.98 and at the same time appear to have blocked me from the site, so I can’t even use the facilities they have charged me for. Have instructed my bank to investigate this.


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OurTime.com Review