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An online dating platform focusing on seniors over 50, MatureSingles365 is run by Venntro Media Group – a UK based company that manages a portfolio of dating sites and offers specialized services to more than 50 million members located in different corners of the globe.

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Registration Process

MatureSingles365’s signup process is fairly simple. It consists of filling in a questionnaire with standard details, such as occupation, marital status, height, color of eyes and hair. You also have the option skip through it and leave some of the details blank if you just want to create a profile quickly and give this dating website a try.
Unlike many other online dating sites that focus solely on general objective facts, MatureSingles365 includes in their registration process questions referring to your personality and areas of interest such as what you like to do for fun, and what you like to eat. They also allow you to express yourself in fun ways with questions like what you consider to be the most interesting fact about you.

Plans & Pricing

You can sign up and build an online dating profile on MatureSingles365 for free, but the moment you want to interact with other site members, you will have to become a premium member. Subscription rates range from £12.50 to £15, depending on the period of time you subscribe for. If you are planning to visit this senior dating site for a while, you can go for the yearly subscription plan and benefit from the best rate. An interesting option offered by MatureSingles365 is the 3-day trial subscription. It comes at a total price of £4.99. This will allow you to get a grasp of the site’s full range of tools and services and make sure it’s the right online mature dating community for you.

Features & Functionality

Targeting the community of senior singles, this online dating sites provides its members with a user-friendly interface and plenty of interesting features that make the winding path to finding a compatible partner a lot easier and certainly more entertaining.
Home to a sizeable membership, MatureSingles365 can seem like an ocean of potential romantic partners. But, people have different criteria and take various factors into consideration. This is why the site has an advanced search option that allows you to filter profiles according to your own preferences.
You also get a list of recommended profiles – the result of the site’s compatibility-check algorithm. If you’re impatient to start chatting right away with other online daters, you can use the ‘Who’s Online’ feature.
This is another interesting feature MatureSingles365 offers. Putting yourself in the spotlight improves your odds of finding a potential match as your profile will be featured on a highlighted strip visible solely to registered members.
‘Encounters’ is a great tool to help you overcome any fear of rejection you might be feeling. You get a list of suggested profiles, and you can say if you would like to get to know that person better or not just by clicking a Yes/No button. Other will do the same for your profile. You then see the list of mutual matches and can start to communicate with each other.

The Final Word

Offering a user-friendly interface and good value for your money, MatureSingles365 is an option worth trying out if you are a senior looking for love.

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Mature Singles 365 Review