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An online dating platform targeting seniors over 40, Just Senior Singles website is run by Venntro Media Group and focuses on the UK community of singles and looking for a serious long term relationship. With a smaller, but strongly targeted membership, Just Senior Singles offers a totally different kind of online dating experience than most of its competitors.

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Registration Process

Offering subscription-based online dating services, Just Senior Singles requires registration and email address verification before allowing visitor to use their features and browse other people’s profiles.
Once you’re logged in, the 4-step profile questionnaire asks you to enter your age, eye colour, marital status, interests, ethnicity, and religious affiliation. There is also a part where new members are asked to say something about themselves in their own words. It’s worth spending time on this, as it will be displayed on your profile page.

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Registration Price Options

While you can register and build a profile on Just Senior Singles free of charge, you will have to upgrade your account and become a paying member if you want to interact with the other members of the site. Monthly rates range between £12.50 and £ 15.00, depending on the period of time you subscribe for. They also offer a useful 3-day trial for £4.99, which we wish more sites would do. Just be aware that it renews itself as a monthly subscription upon expiry.

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Special Features

With a strong orientation towards serious relationships at a senior age, Just Senior Singles offers a series of interesting features:


One of the major issues online dating sites are dealing is general suspicion over the membership’s quality and truthfulness. Just Senior Singles’ Online Dating Protector shield guarantees members that they are safe from online dating scams and that all profiles have been created by genuine people. Just Senior Singles also offers a unique ‘report profile’ feature, which allows any member of the site to draw the moderators’ attention over another online dater’s improper behavior.


Aware that fear of rejection is one of the greatest challenges online daters face, Just Senior Singles built a special tool called ‘Encounters’ that enables you to go over suggested profiles and express your preferences, stating whether you would like to meet that person or not. At the same time, your profile is submitted to other online daters. Once there is a match, both sides are informed and you can take action towards the next step.


If you want to improve your odds of finding love online, then you will certainly like the Spotlight feature. It boosts your profile’s visibility by 18 times. This means that your profile will be seen by more online daters, giving you a better chance of making the right acquaintance.


Feel like jotting down some notes about your dating experience? Or, maybe you want to keep track of who impressed you and who didn’t! At Just Senior Singles you have exactly what you need: an on-site dating diary. Visible only to yourself, this tool comes in handy when you have to deal with meeting many new people.

Live chat

A standard within the dating industry, the live chat is the best tool you have at your disposal to start to get to know other online daters. As a premium member, you get to use this feature at your leisure, and chat your way towards complete and fulfilling love.


If, at any given moment, you are at a loss for words, but still want to express your interest in another online dater, you can just send a wink. Without having to create an entire message, you can check if the other is interested in getting back to you before you start a conversation.


If you’re a picky dater, you can use the filtering tool Just Senior Singles offers and you will receive messages, winks and gifts solely from online daters you are interested in, eliminating awkward interactions with people who don’t meet your criteria. This feature comes in handy when you are looking for a romantic match within a certain distance from your place of residence, when you are interested in a certain age range, or you simply don’t trust those who don’t upload a picture to their profile.

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Bottom line, this senior online dating platform is a niche site for adults over the age of 40 looking for love via the internet. Offering helpful tools and features, Just Senior Singles is one of your best options to find the right romantic match online.

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Emma is an arts and science student graduating this year from NYU. She loves New York City and writes about her big city single-hood experiences. “Being single in the Big Apple is more of a task than a status”, she says, “Dating sites are great for socializing, especially if you’re new in town”. Emma is a regular contributor to the Top 5 Dating blog.
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Just Senior Singles Review