Dating FAQ

*The following tips and articles are solely recommendations and should not be considered as professional advice.

What are premium accounts / services?

Many online dating sites offer two types of services: free or paid. In order to use the free services, you will have only to register on the site using your email address and perhaps fill out your basic details. The availability of premium services depends upon your decision to use your credit card and pay the monthly fee charged by the site. Services like instant messaging, audio and video chat, pictures sharing, dating tips offered by a dating expert and access to certain data (who viewed your profile, who winked at you, compatibility test results, etc.) are usually available only for premium account holders.

What is Instant Messaging?

Instant Messaging is a chat system most online dating websites offer. It works in a similar way to other chat platforms, allowing members to communicate with one another in writing. This is a great way to get in touch with online daters you are interested in and prepare the grounds for when meeting them in real life. Sometimes the Instant Messaging system is accompanied by an audio or video chat options. Chatting is often available only to premium account users.

What are Online Dating Sites?

Online dating sites are an introductory system that enable people to contact each other over the Internet to eventually arrange a date. The main purpose is to develop a romantic, sexual and friendly relationship. Having all three is highly advisable. Some dating sites cater various niches from senior dating to same-sex dating, with members coming from a variety of backgrounds. Dating sites base their matching service on mutual interests, location, or relationship desired. Online dating sites continuously improve as technology progresses, for instance a few years back online dating sites did not have mobile apps. Nowadays most of online dating sites, if not all, offer attractive mobile apps which ease the dating process for “single and looking” folks. To catch up on the latest guidelines on online dating check out our articles and tips.

Why Should I Try Online Dating Sites?

There are many excuses why not to give dating sites a try. They are too public, not organic, there are too many sites to choose from, etc. People used to consider dating sites awkward 10 years ago, a notion which has changed immensely since then. In this advanced technological world, most people spend their time in front of computers, whether to work, socialize, or both. Dating sites have the huge advantage of being accessible 24/7 and offer an array of options, which allow users to focus their search for potential partners. Dating sites don’t guarantee success, but they do offer a good solution which shouldn’t be dismissed immediately. Overall, they are harmless, and you’ll never know until you try.

Are Paid Dating Sites Better Than Free Ones?

If you are a first timer and wish to try a dating site without spending money, then free dating sites are perfect for you. Free dating sites have the advantage or disadvantage of having many subscribers, depending on what you’re looking for. Free sites tend to have more people who are not necessarily interested in dating and rather just looking for an online friend. Paid sites are for people who are more willing to invest in finding a serious relationship. Paid sites are more likely to have quality and up-to-date profiles, and they are also equipped with better search filters, making it easier to focus your search and find your potential soul-mate.

Is Online Dating Safe?

Like with most sites online, dating sites are also an easy target for money scammers and identity thieves, and require taking precaution. In general, it’s highly advised not to share too much personal information online. This especially goes for Online dating, since a lot of personal information is gathered by these sites. The best advice is to use common sense – if someone asks for your home address immediately, consider that a red light. You should really talk to a person more than once before giving out that kind of info. Also, watch for odd languages as many scammers come from abroad. Listen to experts, such as; dating authors, bloggers and other users who elaborate on these matters. They might know something you don’t. Don’t let that scare you as many dating sites are legit and guard your personal information like hawks. You can never be too cautious, though.

Do Dating Sites Work?

Dating sites work for those who want them to work. In other words, people who invest time and effort in making their dating world a success; use quality pictures, up to date profiles and actually go out on dates. It’s a pretty simple formula. However, if you just sit there and spend all of your time browsing through profiles and avoiding contact with other users, nothing beneficial is going to happen. Dating sites don’t always guarantee success, but can be useful for great practice for when Mr. or Mrs. Right come along. There’s no harm in using dating sites, as more and more online dating stories lead to love and marriage and you really never know where you’ll eventually find yours. It might happen in one date, it might happen in a hundred. One thing to consider with dating sites is having patience and not losing hope too soon. If your an online dating first timer and wish to master your online profile and increase your dating potential, click here for further guidance and tips.

Should I Sign Up for More Than One Dating Site?

Signing up for more than one dating site can be beneficial in some ways. It’s harmless and can increase your success in finding a relationship. If you are already paying for one dating site, you can join a free one at the same time and enjoy services offered by both sites. You might encounter familiar profiles of other users who did the same as you, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, rather a reason to start a conversation with them. You could also switch from one dating site to the other if you feel like it’s getting a bit repetitive profile wise, and stale. I find this approach to be quite refreshing and opens you up to different perspectives.

How Do I Know Which Dating Site is Best For Me?

There are plenty of dating sites out there, and joining them all is quite a daunting and useless task. Online dating isn’t less confusing than the real world, however requires less physical effort. In order to choose the best site for you, you need to ask yourself a few questions; what kind of a relationship are you looking for, meaning, age range, men or women, casual or serious. You also need to consider how much effort you are willing to put in meeting new people. Some dating sites put a lot of emphasis on visuals when others offer elaborative profiles as well. Most sites target specific niches which might help you focus your dating search; senior dating, religion based dating sites, same sex dating. Other sites target all at once. Comparison sites are highly advised when you are a first timer and have no clue which dating sites to subscribe to. Comparison sites also offer success stories and user rating. It’s easier to believe your fellow users.

What Should I Look For in an Online Dating Site?

Before choosing the right dating site it’s always good to conduct a little online research. See what other users are saying, their dating experiences and success stories. An online dating site should inhabit specific features and services in order for it to be considered good for you:
– Targets your niche (general, senior, religion based, same-sex).
– Has up to date subscribers’ profiles and quality pictures.
– Maintains quality control as to coping with online sexual abuse as well as privacy concerns.
– Offers Dating Compatibility Tests about your lifestyle, hobbies, work, and other interests.
– Offers membership discounts and social event promotions.


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