A first date is the first, last and ONLY time you’ll have a chance to make a first good impression – by all means, you do not want to mess that up. First dates, although exciting by nature, tend to be quite nerve wrecking at times, especially if you’re a dating newbie. There are important guidelines which we highly advise first daters to follow, as it’s better to ace the date rather than doing or saying something you wish you hadn’t.

Here are our 10 first date’s do’s and don’ts:

10. Don’t drink too much

Enjoying a tipple now and then is necessary to ease the nerves of the first date. However, fueling your body with alcohol might not be such a good idea as you might experience unfortunate verbal vomit and completely repel your date.

9. Do Dress to impress

Make an effort. Your date will appreciate that. Take a shower, dress up in clean clothes, and put your best self out there. Don’t overdo it, though.

8. Don’t interrogate your date!

You want to get to know someone and asking questions is an orthodox way to do it. Remember, it’s not a job interview or a police investigation. Make sure to ask nicely and take a breather in between. Also, know what to ask. Some questions are less relevant for first dates.
“What are your hobbies?” Yes!
“How many children do you want?” No!

7. Do keep a nice & light conversation

Try to avoid dealing with heavy topics, like politics or exes, death or childhood traumas. The last thing you want to do is cloud the ambiance. Spend your valuable time getting to know your date.
Remember, it’s not an interview, so don’t go too far. Ask fun and interesting questions and smile. If you’re interested in seeing them again, make sure they can feel it, but… leave some questions for the next time. A little mystery never hurt anyone.

6. Don’t get overexcited!

Enthusiasm is good. Over-enthusiasm is not so good. You don’t want to seem desperate or too excited and those tend to turn people off. If you do experience over excitement but master at hiding it, you’re good to go.

5. Do smile and play it cool

Nobody likes an ice queen or king. Sitting silently in front of each other is flustering. Make sure you talk, listen and smile! If you’re nervous, have a sip of wine and try to relax. Your date is probably as nervous as you so snap out of it!

4. Don’t be late!

Being late usually indicates lack of interest and respect for the other person’s time and effort. A couple of minutes here and there is one thing, but don’t make your date have to wait more than 5 minutes. Of course things happen and we are all only human, so if you are running late, give them a call or text to let you know you are on your way.

3. Do make your own way there

Avoid awkward car chatters! If the date goes bad the last thing you’d want is spending more time with that person.

2. Don’t praise yourself too highly!

Nobody appreciates a bragger. It almost never comes across right.

1. Do be polite and use your manners

No need to explain this one, right?