Aside from all the usual worries, like where to go, what to wear, and whether they’ll fancy you, there’s always that nagging fear that the date will descend into awkward silence.

What to say? And, more importantly, what not to say? Here are some phrases you should definitely avoid uttering on a first date:

“My mother is awesome!”

It’s okay to have a good relationship with your mother, but still… saying this might raise some questions in her mind. Is he too close to his mother? Will she be all up in my business?

“My ex was the love of my life”

Really? What is a prospective partner supposed to expect from a relationship with you in this case?

“I hate my family!”

Badmouthing other people, especially your close family, on a first date will not take you very far. You will just come across as a negative person who is rather difficult to please.

“Why are you single?”

This is quite a common one. It even seems flattering. But understand, this is exactly the same as asking, ‘What is wrong with you?’ Think again! Do you really want to ask that on a first date?

“All women in town want to hook up with me!”

Even if this is true, it is one of the things a woman would rather not hear on a first date, or at any other moment during the relationship for that matter.

“Everything alright? You look tired”

Everyone wants to look at their best on a first date. How would you feel if someone said you look like hell straight to your face?


These are just some of the things you should never say on a first date, but you get the gist. Learn everything about the best dating sites here and get ready! Love is around the corner!