Dating as an older person isn’t so different to what the younger generation are doing. More likely than not, you’ll meet someone online who seems like they might be worth more of your time. You’ll fret about what to wear, and you’ll gossip with your friends about every detail.

But just to make sure things go smoothly, here are five things to remember for your first date:

1. Location

Though a candle-lit dinner in a fancy restaurant sounds very romantic, your date might find it too intimidating or intimate so soon. Lunch or coffee is preferable as it sets a lighter and more comfortable tone for your date.

2. Keep it Light

We promise not to keep mentioning it, but as a mature dater one tends to have seen more of life than the first time around. Topics like divorce, death of a partner, or still being single aren’t great first date material.

3. Punctuality

This applies to all dates at all ages: Be on time. This shows that you are a serious person who respects the time of the other person.

4. Comparison

Every person you meet is new and different, and you should not compare them to past dates. This will prevent you from actually appreciating who you are with.

5. Getaway

You might have high expectations for your first date, but it might not live up to them. Have someone know where you are and make sure you can get home alone safely and conveniently from the date’s location.

Even if one date doesn’t work out, don’t give up and keep trying! Our ranking of the best senior dating sites is constantly updated, so check back often for our latest pick of the best sites.