Dating is exciting; however, it might not always be a fun ride. It really depends on you and your partner. Imagine you are sitting there with nothing to talk about when both of you looking over at opposite directions thinking of ways to abort mission. Now that’s an awkward situation to be in. So, here are some creative ways for you to escape that bad date and save you both the time and effort.

Suddenly You’re not Feeling too Well

Faking a sudden illness is an elegant way to escape in the middle of a bad date. If you don’t want to hurt the other’s feelings, try to make it look real! Frown a bit – it’s because of that terrible headache! Visit the toilet a few times, and try to look weak.

Have a Friend Call You

This plan works wonderfully: ask your best friend to call you half an hour after the date started. Then, if you don’t feel comfortable continuing, use a pretext to escape.

Call for Back-up

You haven’t made a plan B? Sneak to the toilet to text or call your best friend and ask her to call back 5 minutes later to save you.

Mention Your Ex

Who wants to hear that you are not over your ex yet? That’s a surefire way to make your date want to escape!

Act Jealous

Looking for another way to make your date want to get rid of you? Start acting jealous on the first date!

Talk Marriage and Kids

Isn’t it too soon? Of course it is, but that’s exactly the point: to scare the hell out of them!

Find the Achilles Heel

Do you know something about your date? Are they into kids, football, movies? Anyway, the moment you find out their passion, just pretend to hate it!

Start Crying

A bit neurotic? Any excuse is good when you want to just escape in the middle of a bad date! Go for it! Why are you crying? Maybe you miss your ex? This will kill it for sure!

Tell the Truth

The harshest, yet best one is your honesty: you can always tell your date, as politely as you can, that you simply don’t think it will work out between the two of you. Think of it this way, the feeling’s probably mutual and they’re too shy to raise the flag first. If that’s not the case, they’ll appreciate your honesty. Still not the case and they get mad? You know you did well as you went with your instincts.