The advent of technology, the wide spread of the internet combined with modern people’s tight schedules have made online dating increasingly popular. On the other hand, the anonymity of the internet makes many of us think twice about it. Is it safe to date people online? Is it safe to meet in real life someone you chatted with on a dating site?The answer is: yes, online dating is as safe as it can be provided you take some basic precautionary measures. If you are new to this, here are some tips on how to stay safe and have a great online dating experience:

1. Read the profile carefully

The profile your potential partner created on the site represents the one and only source of information you have. Read it carefully and keep an open eye on any mismatching details. Too many “I’d rather not say” should raise a question mark.

2. Do a background check

Besides offering us the chance to look for love online, the internet also provides us with the possibility to do a little background check on someone. Does the company they say they work for exist? Do they have a social media profile? Googling their name, what do you come up with?

3. Set your own limits

How far do you want to go at each stage? Don’t let anyone push you into anything you are not ready for. If you are not sure it’s time to meet offline yet, be clear about it!

4. Trust your instincts

Your better judgment and your instincts are the best weapons you can draw. If something seems fishy, give it up! Don’t put yourself in embarrassing situations, and even worse, don’t do anything risky! The world of online dating can be full of pleasant surprises, but also of unexpected traps.

5. Meet in a public place

Why rush into it and meet up in someone’s home? There is plenty of time for everything once you made sure all is well and safe. Take the time to know each other better before you invite someone over or accept an invitation at the other’s place.

6. Keep it simple

Try to keep it simple! Complicated situations never smell good. When the story sounds too complicated, things can be fishy. Why don’t you start it slowly with a date in a café at lunchtime? How about a walk in the park? Try not to involve alcohol too much on the first date, especially if it’s someone you’re not entirely sure about. You want to be clear minded when meeting this person.

Online dating is an amazing world filled with opportunities of meeting someone new. It can be a great experience and eventually serve the purpose if you know how to do it right. Try to keep an open mind, however, a little precaution never hurt anyone.