As the first point of reference for potential suitors, any online dating guide will tell you that the profile picture is the ”make or break” element that determines the success of an online dating story. Studies have shown that there are certain types of pictures that are more successful than others and that they can most certainly influence the chances of whether the onlooker will get in contact with you or not.

Cute Selfies Work a Treat for Women

You may not agree, but studies have shown us that women who use MySpace style snapshots as their online dating profile tend to get more men approaching them online.

Ab Shots of Men Get the Girls Flocking

There’s nothing more appealing than a handsome man with no shirt on. And research has shown that these shots get the most online attention from women. However, if you are looking for something more serious, or similarly, if your abs have seen better days, you should be focusing on showing off your personality in your picture. Perhaps a shot of you doing something fun or interesting.

Gain Trust With Recent and True-to-Form Pictures

Most of us looked better ten years ago, but as online dating guides recommend, it’s important to use recent and uninhanced pictures if you want to start off on the right foot with your potential partner. Nobody likes to feel tricked.

Choose Pictures That Do You Justice!

To boost your chances of finding the perfect match, you have to pick good pictures! Get a friend to help you if you must. A picture of you wearing Elton John pink-spotted glasses might be funny, but not necessarily the “money shot” for an online dating profile.

Don’t Forget to Smile!

A picture can tell you a lot about a person. Studies have shown that pictures of women who are smiling and making direct eye contact with the camera, have the highest success rate of clicks to their profile. Go on, flirt with the camera a little and find your match!