There is no perfectly formulated method to a guaranteed successful first date. There are, however some useful online dating tips that can come in very handy if the date is one of those you would like to take to the next level and boost your chances of that ever-important second date.

Have a Laugh!

First dates can be tricky because it’s two people meeting for the first time. Take the pressure off and pick something fun to do together. Things like theme parks, a boat ride or a cool museum are all great ideas for fun first dates. Browse the web for first date and online dating tips to get more inspiration.

Get Chatting!

The whole point of going on a first date is to get to know each other. Whilst doing fun stuff is important for first dates, you still need to get to know each other. There are some activities like going to the cinema or a music gig that you should leave to a third or fourth date once you know each other a little better.

You could even do a little prep work before and read up on a few general topics that you could approach naturally. Whether its current affairs, celeb gossip or something else you find interesting, be prepared with stimulating conversation that will get the ball rolling.

Ask questions…but remember it is not an interview!

Without sounding like you’ve brought someone in for questioning, show a healthy amount of interest in the person you’re on the date with. Most importantly, avoid only talking about yourself – it’s a major turn-off.

Keep it light!

A first date should be fun and light. Keep things simple and avoid getting into big heavy discussions about relationships past or future concerns. That comes later.