Some think that first dates are an important milestone. Actually, the second date is an even more significant moment within a relationship’s timeline.

When you agree to meet for a first date after chatting on an online dating site, there’s little pressure, and it’s perfectly okay to say yes simply out of curiosity. However, the commitment for a second date means that everything went well, a threshold was passed, and there is a green light for a potential new relationship to begin.

If you’re not sure whether to commit to a second date or not, simply ask yourself the following questions, and the answer will be right in front of you.

Did your date show up on time?

Excuses exist all the time. However, being late on a first date is rude and it should raise a red flag.

Was there any chemistry between the two of you?

Love at first sight does exist, but it’s not as common as Hollywood would have you believe. However, if you feel no physical attraction whatsoever, here comes your second red flag.

Were there uncomfortable sexual hints?

One thing is certain: you should not let anyone set the rhythm of a relationship for you.

Did the reality match the profile info?

This is a clear indicator as to whether you’re dealing with an honest person or not. No story can explain why they lied in their profile. Don’t fall for it!

Did you feel bored?

If you feel bored now that you have so many things to discover about each other, what will happen later?

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