A first date is something to be treasured, a stepping stone to any relationship. Choosing the right location for a first date is a crucial factor in determining the date’s success. The other part is choosing the right person, of course. Here are 5 ideas of romantic places for first dates.

The Movies

Despite common perception, going to the movies on a first date is not such a bad idea. You may not be doing a whole lot of talking, but watching a movie can make you both feel much more comfortable in each other’s presence. A first date is known to be slightly awkward, and a movie can be the perfect ice breaker as long as it’s not the highlight of the date. A cup of coffee before or a nice dinner after can be a great addition to the movie and give you a chance to bond.

A Coffee Date

Coffee is comforting for most of us. A nice cafe can be a great relaxer for a first date without going overboard. It gives you an opportunity to really speak to the person in front of you and get to know them, without having the pressure of an overwhelming location, like a noisy lounge or a fancy restaurant.

The Park

A nice picnic at the park on a warm sunny day can be an original and uplifting idea for a first date. There’s something about nature’s beauty that can make anyone feel at ease. You won’t experience the pressure of a crowded place, noisy people and late evening hour that can cloud the fun you both are having.

Food Festivals or Street Fairs

A nice sip and a tasty bite can elevate anyone’s enjoyment, especially during a first date. It’s like being in a huge outdoor restaurant where you can physically browse through the menu by having small samples of each food you’d like to have. It’s a great opportunity to have a good laugh, act silly and spend hours together without noticing the time.

A live Concert

If you’re both into music, and you have a band you both like, why not check if they’re in town? This idea will definitely grant you points in the eyes of your date, and they’ll appreciate you for doing this nice gesture for them. There’s nothing like sharing the excitement of the flashing lights and heart piercing sounds of a great live concert.

There are plenty of great spots for a first date which you can mix with many fun activities. The important thing to keep in mind is thinking of your date’s interests when planning a first romantic date. You want to pick a place that’ll sweep them off their feet or at least make them feel comfortable and not pressured into going somewhere they don’t like. Bottom line, be creative and try to think outside the box, but pay attention to the person beside you.