Ever wanted to know what your perfect match is or which sign fits you best? The following will describe all the zodiac signs in detail and exactly which signs make for best friends, best matches or which signs to avoid at all costs! With this handy guide all you ever need to do is ask your crush’s or partner’s Sun Sign or date of birth and you will have all the information you ever needed as to know whether you are compatible or not. This handy information takes you through all the Fire signs: Aries, Leo  and Sagittarius; all the Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; all the Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, as well as all the Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. With this you will find that perfect partner, so enjoy!

Aries (21 March-20 April)

Aries needs a lot of excitement in a relationship and that’s why they love online dating. There is just so much variety! They need a lot of spontaneity otherwise they get bored. They’re very physical and probably work out a lot so ideally their perfect match is in great shape. They’re attracted to the color red as this is one of the colors that just speaks to them – red is all about action, and so are they. They love warm weather and may just love learning all about tips to find their sizzling summer fling! Perfect matches include Leos and Sagittarians. Fellow Aries can be very feisty but there will be a lot of understanding – but a lot of competition too. They will constantly challenge each other to see who can do things best. Pisces and Taurus make great friends while Cancers drag them down with their neediness. Scorpios infuriate them – although the physical intimacy between them both will be like fireworks! Geminis and Aquarians make for fantastic matches while Librans will both intrigue and frustrate. They will find Capricorns too authoritarian for their liking and they will have the same physical health goals as Virgo although they don’t make the best match.

Best gift for an Aries: A one-year membership at the gym

Taurus (21 April-21 May)

Taureans are very affected by senses. They are very sensual and enjoy beautiful scents and perfumesOnline dating sites appeal to them because they like the comfort of their own home and finding a potential mate this way suits them just fine.  Comfort is a huge turn on for them – and that includes comfort food. Nobody enjoys their food as much as Taurus, well excluding Cancers, and the partner they need must either be a great cook or take them out often for gorgeous cuisine. An empty fridge is Taurus’ biggest fear. Cancers are perfect in this respect and together they make for a very loving union. Another Taurus makes for great times ahead but two very stubborn people do not always a happy couple make. Aries and Gemini make for good friends while Virgos and Capricorns understand Taurus’ earthy nature. There is a lot of loving understanding with Pisces. Aquarians are too emotionally detached for Taurus while they will share many viewpoints with Librans. Both of you have a great love of beauty.

Best gift for a Taurus: A day at the spa

Gemini (22 May-21 June)

Geminis need to talk. It’s just a fact of life. They are the chatterboxes of the zodiac – the ultimate communicators. They have to have their mobiles on them at all times or they will feel lost. Online dating is like a gift from heaven for them – all the possibilities that lie ahead!  But they really need to learn how to go from chatting online to dating in real life. They are also the trendiest signs of the zodiac – they always keep up with fashion. They are usually built resembling little birds – jumping here there and everywhere and always on the move. Their best matches are Aries (who move just as fast as they do) as well as Librans. Fellow Geminis are great as well but there will always be competing space for communication. Geminis always want to be heard so Pisces make for great friends as they love to listen. Aquarians make for great matches but they should avoid Scorpios like the plague! Leos and Sagittarians make for fun adventures, although there may be a bit of friction with Sagittarius – a lot of admiration too. Taurus and Cancers make for good friends. Capricorns are too authoritative for this nimble sign and there will be similar world views with Virgos.

Best gift for a Gemini: The latest Android/iPhone

Cancer (22 June-22 July)

Cancers are one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. You see, they’re actually the biggest teddy bears of the zodiac. They’re just like the crabs they symbolize – all hard on the outside but soft on the inside. They’re just so damn sensitive that they have to be hard on the outside so that they don’t get hurt. When in love you can’t ask for a better companion. They’re loving, faithful, extremely needy and if they love you they will go to all the four corners of the Earth to please you. You will find them using online dating a lot because they like to relax at home. They’re a bit shy so knowing what to say to spark a conversation online will help. They are often also very financially savvy. There’s nothing they love more than financial security, a beautiful home and gorgeous food at the end of every day – or at every meal. They are constantly looking for love because they need to create a family of their own. There’s one very special thing about Cancers too – they will never let you go easily. Cancers match heavenly Pisces and Scorpios. Emotionally, they will just get each other. Another Cancer also works well. Capricorns will fascinate them but there are opposing views at times. Aries are too fiery for this sign and Sagittarians are way too independent. Cancers need a relationship where they are needed.  Aquarians and Librans are too emotionally detached for Cancers, while Geminis and Taurus make for great friends. Virgo makes for great companions.

Best gift for a Cancer: A special night out for dinner under the full moon by the beach

Leo (23 July-22 August)

Leos are just simply amazing. They aren’t symbolized by the King of the Jungle for nothing. Just think of Jason Mamoa’s Character in Game of Thrones. He played Khal Drogo, the fierce warrior in charge married to Emilia Clark’s character – Daenerys Targaryen (the Dragon Queen). In real life Jason is a Leo. You can normally recognize a Leo firstly by their hair – they normally have long hair, even the men, and it takes a lot for them to cut their manes short. When it comes to online dating they like to keep it short. They like to talk but with the intent of meeting shortly. They don’t like dragging things out for too long. Life’s too short after all. They have fierce personalities. They like to dominate and be the center of attention at all times (just like Madonna!). They are also very generous and highly creative. Leos match best with extroverted personalities just like them – think Libra, Sagittarians, Aries and Geminis. They will adore Aquarians but there will be great differences in points of view. Cancers and Virgos make for good friends. Scorpios are not the best fit for this sign and they’ll eat Pisces for breakfast. There won’t be much understanding with Taurus and Capricorns. Another Leo will make for a stunning couple, they’ll just have to fight for the spotlight!

Best gift for a Leo: Diva sunglasses/hair treatment

Virgo (23 August-23 September)

Virgos get a bad rep. They’re known as the neat freaks of the zodiac and they are but they are also the hardest workers. Nobody works harder than a Virgo. You see things need to be perfect in a Virgo’s eye and they will not stop at the task at hand until they are. They are absolute perfectionists. They are also very beautiful, think Beyoncé! They also find it hard to get over a relationship easily. Know that when you are in a relationship with a Virgo you need to keep a neat appearance and have a job. They don’t appreciate slackers. If you live together you need to equally do the chores and most of all you need to keep hygienically clean – Virgos are also obsessed with good health and often have perfect bodies due to their many hours slaved away in the gym and their healthy eating plans. Good matches are made with Pisces – there will be frustration here though because of Pisces messy tendencies, Capricorns and earthy Taureans. Leos and Librans make for good friends while Scorpios and Cancers match perfectly. Aquarians don’t really quite make a good fit while their will be similar world views with Geminis (and similar stress levels). Sagittarians and Aries should rather stay away from introverted and shy Virgos. Other Virgos can make for a dull coupling (although a very neat house).

Best gift for a Virgo: A hand held vacuum cleaner (trust me!)/handbag with an organizer

Libra (24 September-23 October)

Librans are all about balance and beauty – think of the ‘Venus of Delphi’. That’s Libra for you! Librans were made for marriage and that’s where they want their serious relationships to end up. They are always looking for love whether through online dating or dating apps. Librans get along with everyone. They are very pleasing and hate conflict. Step into their homes and you’ll most probably find a beautiful decorated space that probably smells great. Librans themselves love to smell gorgeous and will invest in perfumes as it makes them feel glamorous. In general, Librans are quite beautiful, think Brigitte Bardot, Zac Efron and the like. Their features are very balanced. Besides a dislike of conflict, they really can’t relate to highly emotional and sensitive partners. They just don’t get it. They think more with their heads than their hearts, although once they fall in love – it’s all about love. Perfect matches for them mean Aries (a very fated match that will excite and aggravate a Libran), Geminis as well as other Librans – although no one will ever be able to decide quickly on matters. Sagittarians and Leos make for brilliant matches and Virgos and Scorpios make for good friends. There will be similar world views with Pisces but Cancerians will scare you – they’re just too needy. Capricorns are just too bossy for you while you can have a lot of fun with Taurus and many nights out at superb restaurants!

Best gift for a Libra: Silk scarf/Perfume/Spa Day

Scorpio (24 October-22 November)

Scorpio is about mysticism, the occult, magic, sex, darkness and deep emotional connection. There’s nothing light and fluffy about Scorpios. If they give you a compliment appreciate it because firstly, they don’t dish them out and secondly, they are always honest. They feel very deeply and can be sensitive but if you cross them they will sting you so hard with that Scorpion tail of theirs you won’t know what hit you – you’ll just be devastated. The sign is associated with sex and they put the “S” into S&M. They just need sex to feel more alive, it’s part of their process of living. They will often be found on niche dating sites like BeNaughty. Their perfect match needs to connect with them emotionally and be willing to go through a lot with them. It’s never a light romance. Taurus makes for a great match but sparks may fly as there will be opposing views. Capricorns and Virgos make for good matches too but Scorpio will always dominate a Virgo. Pisces and Cancerians are matches that were written in the stars. Other Scorpios work but it will make for an extremely intense relationship. There will be power plays with Leos and a lot of friction. Librans and Sagittarians make for great friends. Aquarians and Geminis need to stay far away – there’s just not enough emotional sensitivity with these unions. Aries will excite but there may be out of control fights.

Best gift for a Scorpio: Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon/ Cherry Liquor Chocolates

Sagittarius (23 November-21 December)

What would the world do without Sagittarians?! They are the explorers of the world! They are the first people to put on a backpack and trek through the Andes. They are the best at knowing how to use online dating while backpacking. They live for adventure! They also love books and are often found in careers to do with the media. Try hold them down or tell them what to do and they’ll escape faster than a bolt of lightning. When they use online dating its for the purpose of meeting someone straight away. They also like to have a lot of choice when comparing dating sites. They prefer meeting in real life. Sagittarians and Aries are a match made in heaven. Leos also work well while there is a deep understanding with other Sagittarians. Geminis make for a delightful match although there will be many opposing views. Librans and Aquarians work really well. Scorpios and Capricorns make for great friends. Sagittarians don’t really see eye to eye with Virgos and Taureans and Cancerians are way too needy. There are a lot of similar worldviews with Pisces.

Best gift for Sagittarius: Plane tickets to Peru/ a really good book

Capricorn (22 December-20 January)

Capricorns have to be in charge, it’s just the way it is. They are also generally quite tall. They need to be on top because they see things so clearly. They make amazing bosses of large corporations because they have brilliant systematic ways of structuring things. They are made for business. In love, they are passionate, need to be in control and can be very sexual. They are extremely loyal and take commitment very seriously. If they’re searching for online dating sites the ones that will interest them are ones with great reputations such as ZooskMatch and eHarmony. They are looking for love so that they can have a relationship that stands through time. Great matches are Scorpios and Virgos. They are a solid rock for Pisces while they make great friends with Sagittarians and Aquarians. There will be friction with Aries (they’re just too impatient for Capricorn’s liking) and tehre won’t be much in common with Gemini (who’s just too chatty for them). Taurus makes for a heavenly match with much understanding and Cancer will intrigue while frustrate at the same time. Leos’ flamboyance has little place for Capricorns while Libra is just not grounded enough for them. There will be a lot of understanding with other Capricorns, there will be a lot of passion but they will both try be each other’s boss.

Best gift for Capricorn: Luxurious moisturizer/Dinner at the Hilton

Aquarius (21 January-19 February)

Aquarians are the eccentrics of the zodiac. Their taste in fashion will always be “interesting”. They are often tall and what sets them apart is their vision of things in general. They have extremely high standards often wanting to push through the limits of things. They have a knack for technology and you will find many an Aquarian in the field of hi-tech. That’s why they also love online dating as they are also interested in these sites’ amazing perfect-match-algorithmsDating apps work really well for them too!It gives them the opportunity to find dates through their favorite devices. A lot of them are coders. They also generally have a large pool of friends. They are the most emotionally disconnected of all the signs and have no interest in drama and emotional warfare. They’ll just walk away. Perfect signs for them are fellow Aquarians, Geminis as well as Librans. Capricorns and Pisces make for good friends. They need to stay far away from Cancers and Scorpios. Why? Cancers are way too needy and will drive Aquarians crazy and Scorpio’s emotionally driven ways won’t make sense to this sign. Aries and Sagittarians are matches made in heaven while Leo will absolutely intrigue Aquarians and frustrate them at the same time. Taurus is too grounded and earthy for Aquarians while they won’t always see eye to eye with Virgos.

Perfect gift for an Aquarian: A tablet/laptop/android phone

Pisces (20 February-20 March)

Pisces are the dreamers and free spirits of the zodiac. Think of the song “Imagine” by John Lennon, that’s how Pisces wish the world to be. They just want peace and harmony, fluffy clouds and rainbows. They are the “old-souls” of the zodiac and live in a very different world to most. They love theater and dance, music and art. They’re the poets and artists of the zodiac and without them sometimes life would be too mundane. They make the best listeners and prefer it to talking and are exceptionally shy until they learn to trust people. They care deeply for humanity and hate cruelty of any kind and are often the people that will create non-profit organizations. They also closely connect to animals. They enjoy the variety that online dating offers as they are always looking for love and a relationship. They enjoy their femininity and will always make sure they wear the best perfumes when on dates.  They want a lover or partner that is kind and generous, strong and free spirited in ways but also very grounded to bring them back to earth. Taurus makes for an amazing partner. Capricorn can be a little too bossy for their liking – and nobody bosses a Pisces around for they’ll run away so quickly you will never hear from them again! Fellow Pisces make good friends but do not always a perfect match make as their heads are both up in the clouds and Pisces needs a strong partner. Aquarians and Aries make for good friends while Scorpios and especially Cancers share a deep intuitive understanding with Pisces and make for best matches. Virgos will interest Pisces but their natural lifestyles could cause friction. Geminis make for interesting friends, they like to talk, Pisces like to listen. Libra and Pisces will share a love of beauty. There will be similar world views with Sagittarians.  Leos will literally eat sensitive Pisces alive.

Perfect gift for a Pisces: A weekend away by the ocean/ theater tickets

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