In today’s modern age, everything moves so much quicker and time does matter. Flirting no longer applies to just catching one’s eye in a bar, club or social get together. Dating now begins in cyberspace where all of us become voyeurs, able to look at image after image of potential suitors, looking for someone who stands out and appeals to us. We want a lot of options and we want it quickly – that’s why online dating works so well!

With so many dating sites out there, we need to know which ones work well. To start off we need something that’s quick, user friendly and easy to use that offers a quick registration process. Of course, plenty of other factors come into the mix of what makes a highly effective dating site.

Well, coming in right at the top of the list of free dating sites is Zoosk. Why is Zoosk such a fabulous dating site? Let’s look deep into it.

Zoosk Facts

  1. Zoosk was founded in December 2007.
  2. Zoosk has over 3.7 million visits per month – that’s a pretty big number in relation to its competitors.
  3. It integrates with social networks and works well on your mobile as one of the greatest dating apps.
  4. There are more than 34 million users registered on Zoosk.

The Important Stuff

Signing Up for Zoosk Is Quick and Basic

Who needs a long signing up process? And to be honest, who has the time. With Zoosk signing up takes seconds and offers free dating as well as paid dating services. You can sign up, create your very own profile and start looking for matches almost instantly.

The Process:

  1. Go to the Zoosk home page.
  2. Create a Zoosk login by signing up either through the site, Google+, Facebook or the fabulous app. The app is available through Google Play, App Store as well as Amazon.
  3. You’ll be asked to fill out:
  • Gender
  • Gender Preference
  • Birthday
  • Location

It’s advisable to upload a photo. There’s not much interest in profiles that have no picture. The general thought of profiles without photos is that the person is either really unattractive or heavily overweight or they are married. Trust me – there’s a ton of married men on these dating websites so you can avoid them by keeping it a rule of thumb to avoid answering messages from profiles without photos.

There is an About You section that you can always return to and fill in later which focuses on such things as adding more details about yourself, your interest and ideal match.

Zoosk is Free

When signing up, Zoosk is a free online service.

Free Membership allows you to:

  • Create a profile
  • Upload images
  • Search for singles
  • See who’s online
  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • Send virtual winks
  • Receive chat requests and messages

Paid Membership allows you to:

  • Receive and send IMs (instant messages) and messages
  • Boost your profile to instantly make you more popular in Zoosk’s search results
  • Receive ‘SmartPick’ matches (matches that Zoosk recommends based on your activity on the site)

Zoosk is Safer Than Other Sites

Zoosk offers a Photo Verification service for people who want to prove that they do, in fact, look like their profile photo. As soon as Zoosk has reviewed your photo as well as video submission, a green Photo Verified badge will appear on your profile. This special feature shows the integrity of the users to show they are real. This is amazing when there is a plethora of dating websites out there with so many fake profiles. Zoosk also allows its members to verify their phone number as well as Facebook and Twitter profiles. This is just to emphasize that the member is in fact a real person. Remember, there are sexual predators out there, so the more authentic the user the safer you will be.

There are Multiple Ways to Browse Profiles

  • You can be really proactive on this site with Zoosk’s Basic and Advanced Searches, finding matches on your own.
  • The filtering options are great as well! You can filter by height (a big one amongst us women), age, religion and age.
  • There is also a ‘Carousel’ where you can look through images of singles and are able to either click a definite “No”, “Maybe”, or “Yes”.

Zoosk is Not Only for Serious Dating

No matter what you are looking for online, Zoosk gives you the option whether you are looking for something serious or just casual hookups.

Zoosk Allows You to Have Cyber Fun with Virtual Gifts

Giving gifts is all part of the flirting in Zoosk. You can buy Zoosk Coins and use them to receive more features such as Zoosk gifts. These include chocolates, digital roses and teddy bears as well as the very important ‘Confirmation’ feature for messages.

Zoosk Uses Amazing Algorithms

The reason Zoosk really stands out is its professional algorithms. It has breakthrough Behavioural and ‘SmartPick’ technologies. Zoosk will study your behavior on the site from likes and flirting to messaging. By using this algorithm, Zoosk will recommend who you’re more likely to be attracted to.

Zoosk Comes in a Multitude of Languages

Most dating apps come in English. Zoosk is available in 25 different languages. These include French, Korean, Brazilian, Spanish and many more. It is also available in over 80 different countries.

There is no Serious Commitment

It is really easy to cancel from Zoosk if you feel you don’t want to carry on with your membership. How easy you ask?

  1. Click Account Settings.
  2. Next to the words “Account Status” click “Edit”.
  3. Click “Deactivate.”
  4. Confirm by choosing “Deactivate Zoosk Account.”

If there happens to be any problem you can always call Zoosk customer service in the States at +1-888 939-6675.

Final Thought

With so many online sites out there, it’s nice to know that there’s a dating site that puts safety first, works with amazing algorithms to help you find your perfect match and makes dating online just so much simpler and easier! You can also easily compare Zoosk with other dating sites and will see that Zoosk stands above the rest. Join Zoosk today and begin your journey to finding true love!

Leah Goldberg
Content writer and manager Leah Goldberg has been writing articles and stories, and blogging for years. Her monthly column in a Condé Nast Publications Magazine is very popular amongst her readers. Leah enjoys researching the latest software products and platforms and blogging about the latest technology. When Leah is not writing you will find her on the beach sipping on a Mojito!
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