So there you are, deeply in love. It’s been 3 years and there have been sporadic talks with your partner about getting more “committed”. Maybe it was a love romance that started through online dating on a site like eHarmony, maybe not. But, the number one question you keep asking yourself is “What will my future be like with my partner?” Well, you can always look to the stars in this department. Is he a spontaneous Aries, perfectionist Virgo or adventurous Sagittarius? Let’s examine your partner’s sign and see what kind of marriage you will have:

Aries (21 March-20 April)

This is going to be a fun marriage. There’s no doubt about it. There’s going to be a lot of spontaneity involved – and that includes fun in the sheets just when you have got ready for the night! You can expect a lot of outdoor activities and workouts together. Aries is an action sign and there will be a lot of movement in the marriage. Aries is not too serious so there will not be too much melancholy involved. This is a fast paced, fun-filled marriage. The great news with this kind of marriage is that if there are ever disagreements, they are dealt with quickly and the issue is put away for good.

Taurus (21 April-21 May)

The good news is that if you like a domestic kind of life this marriage will be just up your alley. This marriage involves a lot of cuisine. You will be in the kitchen a lot – with your partner. There will be many evenings spent in restaurants. You will be spoilt a lot with material things like perfume and jewelry – your partner may even get a gorgeous home constructed especially for you. The garden will be immaculate as this is very important to Taurus. Sex will be important as well. For Taurus to truly experience themselves they need to experience life through their senses and sex does that for them. Your partner will be very loyal and will be a great father or mother. Taurus is a strong protector and highly protective and territorial. With this partner you will always have creature comforts and be taken care of. Taurus also does not have a huge temper, but when it boils and finally explodes, you need to get out of the house very fast!

Gemini (22 May-21 June)

Chatter, chatter, chatter. You need to be a really good listener if you want a marriage with a Gemini. They’re also here, there and everywhere – always busy doing something. The house will be covered in books. Making love could get quite humorous with your partner stopping half way to talk about the most arbitrary of things. You can also expect many weekends spent at the mall because your partner has to shop for the trendiest threads. This marriage will be fun and light. Geminis are not overly emotional or sentimental so there will never be big moods in the house. The only thing you need to watch out for is Gemini’s two faces. One day you will be waking up with Mr. Jekyll and others Mr. Hyde – but not too worry, these two polar opposites are never so extreme.

Cancer (22 June-22 July)

Well what can I say about Cancer? Cancer is my personal favorite. In fact, if I ever decided I wanted to get married, it would be to a Cancer. In this sort of marriage, you are completely nurtured and protected. Your partner would never let anything hurt you. They are made for marriage and make amazing parents. They also love the home environment and adore cooking so you can expect many nights having fun with food! Cancers are also very deep souls and nothing is ever too light in this marriage. Your Cancer partner will always be able to read your moods and you need to keep in mind that they are exceptionally moody themselves. The only time they will ever snap back at you is if you are nasty to them. They are extremely sensitive and need to be given love. They also need you and will never let go of you easily, so if this is your partner be prepared for the long-haul!

Leo (23 July-22 August)

Just understand that this is going to be a flashy kind of marriage. Your partner will want the two of you to drive in the latest BMW (red of course)/ Mercedes Benz or most upscale Toyota! You will most likely have weekends at the most happening clubs, bars, elite VIP places you can imagine. Leo is also generous so you will be treated like a Queen or King. Your sex life will be fun and amazing and you will both most probably end up with a ton of children. The Leo partner makes a fantastic parent and children just gravitate towards them. Expect a lavish life where your partner will often want to be in the spotlight but will take you there with them at the same time.

Virgo (23 August-23 September)

If you seriously are thinking of engaging in a marriage with a Virgo, know this – your house is going to be very neat and tidy! You will also have to be very neat and tidy! Your Virgo partner will not tolerate anything but this. Also, there will be a ton of fruit and veggies in the fridge, bottles of mineral water and tons of green tea. Virgo is obsessed with heath. Your partner will also be very work oriented. At the end of the day though, your partner will love coming home to you. Virgo is very introverted and requires a peaceful environment at home and will make sure it is so.

Libra (24 September-23 October)

Well, aren’t you lucky? You are in love with a Libra! Libra is all about marriage, balance and harmony – and that’s what your marriage will be like, at least most of the time. Libra just wants the relationship to run smoothly without confrontations. They are ruled by Venus – the goddess of love, and beauty is extremely important to them. They have a very sensitive eye to this. Your home environment will be clean and decorated gorgeously. Life with Libra will mostly be pleasurable. They are not overly emotional at all and love to engage in light conversation. They make excellent hosts and you can expect great parties to occur at your home.

Scorpio (24 October-22 November)

Ouch! You’ve landed yourself a Scorpio! Just kidding, well, not entirely. Just know that your Scorpio partner will always be in charge. Power and control is their thing and you need to be a very strong partner for this deeply emotional soul. Well marriage with them can be quite grand actually because your Scorpio partner will always hold a bit of mystery which will always keep you interested. The sex will also be out of this world, and a little bit devilish and experimentative. You may also have joint bank accounts and money will be a big topic of discussion. There is always intensity in the air going on so if you can handle it then this is an exciting kind of marriage that will always keep you mesmerized.

Sagittarius (23 November-21 December)

This is a very adventurous kind of marriage. You can expect a lot of international travel. Your partner wants to explore the world (with or without you) so life could be quite an adventure. You will also go on a very spiritual journey together, figuratively speaking, as Sagittarius needs to dive deep and tear apart religion and find a spiritual or religious philosophy close to their hearts. There are also lots of adventurous outings that will explore hiking and even rock climbing. Also expect there to be a ton of books covering the shelves and you will enjoy learning about new cultures together as well as learning new languages. You may study many things together.

Capricorn (22 December-20 January)

This marriage will bring a lot of structure to your life. Everything will be neat and packed away. All bills will be filed away. Your cupboards will be color coded and summer and winter clothes will be perfectly divided. No doubt, whoever is the Capricorn in the relationship will be the one in charge. Many people don’t know this but Capricorns have high sex drives and many a night will be spent frolicking under the sheets! Career will be of extreme importance and you will need to support your partner’s amazing ambition and drive. Many evenings will be spent in the office and you need to understand this for the marriage to work. It’s important to have your own life and hobbies in this marriage.

Aquarius (21 January-19 February)

A lot of intellectual conversations will take place in this relationship. Also, don’t expect to live in a romantic, cozy place. No, no. You will be living in the most modern house or apartment and will have the latest gadgets and appliances. There’s not too much cooking taking place as Aquarius has better things to do than waste a lot of time cooking food. There’s no deep, emotional battles ever going on. Aquarius is too emotionally detached for it and doesn’t really understand deep emotions. This marriage will only work if you understand that you are getting into a marriage with a partner that uses his or her head rather than their heart almost all of the time. They will always be analytical and think things through thoroughly before ever making decisions. It’s not an overly sexual marriage in any way, although there could be a lot of experimentation just for the sake of experimentation. Friends will always be involved as there will be a lot of get-togethers with a bunch of friends as Aquarius people are always very popular and attract friends like a moth to a flame. Also, don’t expect children straight away if you’re married to an Aquarius. It’s not a high priority on their bucket list.

Pisces (20 February-20 March)

The problem with marrying a Pisces is that you’re marrying 12 people in one as they contain all the signs within them using whichever one they need when they need to use it. You may think you’re marrying a sweetheart – you’re not. As quiet as a Pisces may be, there’s a lot going on under the surface. If there is any abuse in the marriage towards a Pisces they will do nothing until they are pushed over the edge causing a tidal wave, the destruction of everything valuable in the house and you will never see them again – only the divorce papers. You need to be loving and gentle to these souls for the marriage to work. They love romance, flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. They adore romantic nights out and getting natural with holidays by the ocean or in cabins in the woods making love in front of the fireplace. They can be highly sexual and yes – sex is always different with them according to their moods. There will be blue and turquoise décor in the house, even if it’s just the scatter cushions and you will most probably have a pool in the backyard, live close to the ocean and have a house with a shower, bath and maybe even a jacuzzi too. If you treat your Pisces partner right in the marriage they will go to the ends of the earth to make you happy. It will be their life mission!

Leah Goldberg
Content writer and manager Leah Goldberg has been writing articles and stories, and blogging for years. Her monthly column in a Condé Nast Publications Magazine is very popular amongst her readers. Leah enjoys researching the latest software products and platforms and blogging about the latest technology. When Leah is not writing you will find her on the beach sipping on a Mojito!
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