Most of us know of the show “The Bachelor”. It’s an American show where a bunch of brave women put their hearts on the line so that they can be “the bachelor’s” chosen one. The process of elimination is pretty heart-wrenching, where women that are chosen at the end of a few dates are given a red rose. The ones with the red rose get to stay and attempt to be the object of affection for “the bachelor”, and the ones that don’t get a rose swallow their pride and walk off into the abyss that is single dating. The popularity of the show is that everybody wants to meet a guy like the guy on “the bachelor”. He’s always handsome, in great shape, has a good career and seems to be a pretty decent guy – and best of all he’s on the show because he wants a wife. He wants to settle down and marry and that’s the appeal of the show.

So, what exactly is a “bachelor”? According to the dictionary, a “bachelor” is “a man who is not and has never been married.” So, what makes him so elusive? Well, nowadays it’s difficult to find a man that has never been married, especially when it comes to men in their 30’s and up. It’s a big deal to us women to be the one to break that cycle of “bachelordom” and become the prize at the end of the rainbow. We all want to be the woman he has always been looking for and wants to settle down with. But where on earth to find them?

Well, for starters, it’s not going to happen at a nightclub. Very rarely do we meet the man of our dreams in a nightclub full of loud music and an overflow of cocktails and whiskey. Yes, you may meet a guy and even hookup, but it’s difficult to even form a connection in a place like this where you cannot even hear each other over the music. It guarantees a fun night, but that’s what it is – a night, and if you’re reading this you’re looking for something more special.

So where to meet them?


It seems these days that everybody is meeting online. It’s just such an easy place to meet. You don’t have to get up and dressed, apply makeup and do your hair. You can meet someone just lying in your comfortable bed in your favorite pajamas and begin searching for compatible matches.

Sometimes, online dating gets a bad rap, stating that the only men that go on these sites are there with bad intentions. Unfortunately, sometimes we unknowingly do connect with men who have bad intentions but appear to be nice. This, though, often happens on free dating sites or free dating apps. There is no real effort put on both parties when using dating sites that are completely free. Now, you have to wonder, well, if the man you are talking to can’t even pay to look for love, then maybe he’s not really serious about finding love.

That’s where paid internet dating steps in. For a minimal price you are guaranteed better dates because men who pay for these services are more serious and looking for a more serious and committed sort of love. A man willing to pay to find the woman of his dreams is realistically more of the kind of man you want to pay attention to because he is serious with matters of the heart.

There are amazing online dating sites out there that provide you with such a service. From Zoosk, to and eHarmony, there are a plethora of online dating sites catering especially to your needs.  With these dates you can really specify exactly what type of man you are looking for from height to age range and more.


Yes, even in today’s technological age, people still do enjoy reading paperbacks. What better way is there of “bumping” into a man than commenting on the book they are reading to start a conversation. In today’s age the old rule of ‘never start a conversation with a man first’ is complete nonsense. By starting a conversation and being proactive you can attract real interest from this man – or he can reject you, but at least you tried. And if it does work and he carries on with the conversation? Well it may just lead to the two of you grabbing a cup of coffee together after purchasing books and who knows what else.

Through Mutual Friends

This way of meeting men really works well. Your friends know you best so hooking you up with someone they know often works fantastically. Because there are mutual friends there are higher chances that your date will try harder and most probably treat you really well. The last thing your date want to experience is you calling your mutual friends to tell them how unpleasant your date was. Let your friends know you are dating and looking for love and see who they can introduce you to.

The Workplace

Personally, I have never dated anyone through work. Always choosing to put my career above any sort of any office romance has always been in my best professional interest – but it does happen. And often, it works out really well. The reason this dynamic works so well is the fact that getting to know each other through work is just such a natural process. Also, the object of your affection will get to see you in your element showing off all your natural strengths – which is a huge turn on. Beware though, if things turn really sour things can get very complicated at work.

Final Thought

Meeting men can be a daunting process but well worth it if you find the right one – as long as you keep trying. Bachelors are everywhere you look, just make the extra effort to be approachable, kind, to smile here and there and show interest. By doing this that cute bachelor who always takes the corner table in your favorite coffee shop may just end up being your next boyfriend!

Leah Goldberg
Content writer and manager Leah Goldberg has been writing articles and stories, and blogging for years. Her monthly column in a Condé Nast Publications Magazine is very popular amongst her readers. Leah enjoys researching the latest software products and platforms and blogging about the latest technology. When Leah is not writing you will find her on the beach sipping on a Mojito!
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