So there you are. You risked it and decided to go for online dating. You have gone through a list of dating sites and apps as well as free dating sites. You may have even compared dating sites to see which one fits you best. You filled in a profile, written about yourself and chosen what kind of potential partners you are interested in according to age etc. But now, just before your profile goes live, you need to add that all-important profile pic that’s going to attract potential suitors. So, what to upload? There are definitely profile photos you should totally avoid uploading. The important thing is to focus on your most flattering pic, right? But, there are guidelines to this, namely:

1.      Smile

Not a fake, put-on smile. Look through your photo album on your mobile and look for a picture that shows you where you are genuinely happy. When one is truly happy they naturally radiate joy and this attracts people to them – that’s the kind of photo you want to put online. Who wants to meet someone who looks angry, sad or dull. The happier you look, the more attractive you will look and the more attention you will receive.


2.      Advice For Men

Women are not as judgmental as men when it comes to physique. After all, we really are just looking for someone who is great and will treat us like queens and care for us deeply, But,at the same time, having a 6-pack doesn’t hurt! Men in “model-like-shots” looking away from the camera showing off really nice abs really attracts a lot of attention. What can I say? Us girls love strong looking men, the more muscular the better! Just a word of advice, don’t do an abs-shot if your abs are less than desirable. Otherwise, a nice shot where you are smiling, dressed up and looking good  also will attract admirers.


3.      Wear Red To Attract Attention

This follows suit particularly for women. Red is a very powerful color overall and it stands for passion. Men can’t help but look when the color red is in the vicinity. Now pair the color red to a dress and show a little bit of cleavage! Statistically women who bare cleavage do much better in online dating than those who don’t.


4.      The Flash Falls Short

A camera’s flash can literally add years to you, and, especially as women, who wants that! After all, we are busy photoshopping our pics to take away as many wrinkles as possible, why on Earth would we want to look older than we really are? You need to take natural, soft light coming from the sun. Without the flash you also avoid the added light in your eyes and the “red-eye” effect.


5.      Full Body Dilemma

Ok, so maybe your body is not going to grace the covers of Sports Illustrated but everyone has features that they can accentuate. Look at people like Kim Kardashian who has quite an enormous behind but dresses really well for her body type. If she hid it in baggy pants it would just make her butt look really big and unattractive. But she shows it off. Put on your best outfit and ask a friend to take some flattering full body pics of you. Many men are reluctant to contact women without full body pics because they don’t want to be surprised at the first blind date and end up with someone who lied about their weight. Always be honest about your weight. If you are fuller figured or curvy say that you are because some guys don’t mind this – they actually love it! But if you start chatting with a really athletic guy who is only attracted to girls who are in really good shape and love to exercise and you pretend that is you, you are going to get really hurt when you finally meet!


6.      Avoid Group Shots

Statistics have shown that posting a group shot as your profile pic doesn’t really work in your favour – especially if it shows you at a club looking drunk!


7.      Stop Playing With Fluffy

The Dog! Nobody wants to see you hugging a dog or cat in your pic. It often looks staged and doesn’t give the best overall impression. Although there are some people out there that are animal-crazy and will definitely contact you based on this. Keep in mind, though, that you might end up sharing a house one day with two dogs named Fred and Eddie, a cat named Priscilla and a parrot called Purdy!


8.       Show Your Travels

Are you someone that likes adventure and travel? Do you want to attract someone that you can imagine traveling the world with? Posting these kinds of photos are great then! It shows you have a life that is full and you love exploring new things. It shows you have a sense of adventure and for many that is very appealing.


9.      Show Off Your Sportiness

Statistically men and women who show off their flare for sports get more attention. It shows that you are healthy, have a positive self-image and take good care of yourself and everybody finds this appealing.


10. Play With Creativity

We have so many options to play with photos these days. We can add many filters and black and white photos can look really elegant.


11. The More, The Merrier

The more pictures you add the better the response you will have. By adding lots of photos, you get to show off many different aspects of your life. Maybe you train professionally in Spanish dance – show that off! Maybe you give talks to many audiences – show that too! Show your travels – show you have an exciting life and are looking for a partner to join you in that exciting life!

12. Ask Friends For Advice

If possible, ask friends to help you with regards to your photos and to give their honest opinion. Upload a ton of your favourite photos and let your friends help to choose the ones that look the most attractive.

Final Thought

With all this advice, I’m sure the profile pictures you upload will attract a lot of attention. Just one last thing to keep in mind, upload pictures that are not older than 6 months. You want photos representing you that are as close to a representation of what you look like now as possible. Go ahead, have fun with this and happy flirting!!











Leah Goldberg
Content writer and manager Leah Goldberg has been writing articles and stories, and blogging for years. Her monthly column in a Condé Nast Publications Magazine is very popular amongst her readers. Leah enjoys researching the latest software products and platforms and blogging about the latest technology. When Leah is not writing you will find her on the beach sipping on a Mojito!
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